Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pink Eye!

Yesterday was great. Around 3:00 in the afternoon, Chet arrived back at the ranch. Thirty minutes later, when he came over here to see us, he handed me this beautiful blanket, that was made in Mexico. "Linda has just arrived at Kinky's and she asked me to please bring this over to you. She said for me to tell you that she and Bebe will come over tomorrow morning for a visit."

"I love these colors in this blanket!" I said. Then the three of us ate lunch—Cousin Nancy's Squash Casserole and a serving of Anasazi Beans, which I had cooked the day before.

After Chet and Tony had told me that lunch was delicious, Chet and I started talking about my decorating plans for the Mother Ship and landscape plans for Area 51, because the repair work on my old RV is near completion.

Today has been great and it started out early. This morning while I was cooking breakfast, I stopped to admire Linda's beautiful, Mexican blanket. When I was holding it—it hit me like a brick—I'll turn this into a curtain for The Mother Ship and use these colors to decorate it! It will be the color theme.

Around 9:00, Chet came over for a quick cup of coffee, before he and Willie went back to Austin. When he walked inside The Cabin he was carrying this big, decorated box and wearing a big smile on his face. "This is for you, Nancy. It's your birthday present from me and I hope that you like it." Then he sat the box down on the breakfast bar.

"I love that you gift wrapped it with duct tape and foil. And I really like the foil bow on top," I teased, as I removed the foil and the the duct tape. "Omg! I love it! Thank you," I said, as I pulled his super cool present out of the box. Then I placed it on the kitchen counter, plugged it in and turned it on. Then I took these pictures, as we stood back and watched the globe slowly go round and round—creating a light show for our dogs and us. 

"I love the colors, Chet," I said, while Roy and Belle checked out my birthday present. "They match the colors in Linda's blanket. How perfect is that?" 

"This will be so cool, inside the Mother Ship!" Then we started laughing about it all and Chet offering to make me a hovering, Outer Space sound recording, to play on my Bose, when I invite people to enter the Mother Ship for their very first time. "I am going to have so much fun with this thing. I'm going to call it The Orb!"

About an hour after Chet and Willie took off, I was admiring Little Debbie's crib again and realized that something just wasn't right with it. Then I looked at Roy and said, "Hello Houston, we've got a problem." Then I started laughing. Then I walked down the hallway and asked Tony to please fix it for me. Here are the before and after pictures.

The cute crib above looks like a smiley face that has Pink Eye.

Now it looks like a cute crib. Or is it a smiley face wearing an upside down smile?

Linda and Bebe came over right after I took the above pictures. We drank coffee together and had a fun visit inside The Cabin. When I thanked Linda for the pretty blanket, she said, "When I saw that blanket, I immediately thought, This has Cousin Nancy's name on it, so I bought it. I'm glad that you like it." 

After I gave Linda and Bebe a tour of our rescue ranch, which they love, they told me that they had to leave, because they had several errands to run today. So we adios-ed each other and I came back inside and cooked lunch for Tony and me.

This afternoon around 1:30, Tony and I starting making my Bacon-Wrapped-Banana recipe that he stole from me, years ago, because like that saying goes, "What goes around. Comes around." And heaven knows that I've stolen plenty of recipes from my dear friends, in my lifetime. 

We made the bacon-wrapped-bananas today, because this is the two-year anniversary when the nice kids, from the Medina Children's Home/Arms Of Hope, started coming over here, three times a week, to walk our dogs for us.

The kids love our grilled bacon-wrapped-bananas so much, they had asked us to please make them today, when we celebrate their two-year anniversary of volunteering, at the rescue ranch. Please note that we only had one banana leftover when we finished.

When the kids arrived at 3:00, I was writing this post. Two minutes later, when I went outside to greet Karon and them, they were already eating our tasty treats that Tony had cooked on the grill. So I quickly grabbed my camera and took a picture, before they ate the rest of them. Then I stood back and said, "Y'all, say cheese."

And that is about it for today.

Y'all have a great evening!

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