Friday, October 3, 2014

Eh! Another Erie E-Mail!

Eh! Late last night at 11:52, Fay sent me another Erie e-mail! Fay wrote:

Hi Nance! We are all safe and sound in Erie, PA. Blake is an amazing dog and more than we even hoped for. He's so cute and HUGE, he's bigger than Kris!! We love him like crazy, he's a gorgeous boy xo he's quite vain as he keeps looking in the mirrors!! Too funny! Here he is standing on the bed looking at himself in the mirror LOL 

Tony and I are so happy that Julie safely delivered Blake Shelton to Fay & Ian! We want to thank Fay & Ian and Julie for making this happen for Blake. 

I'll write more later, because Tony and I are fixin' to go outside to do our chores, because our friends/volunteers will be arriving soon! I am on Cloud Nine and can't wait to celebrate Blake's incredible adoption with our friends/volunteers. Breeders Select Pet Transport Rules and so do Fay & Ian! Life is good.

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