Thursday, October 9, 2014

Raptors, Blue Max & Miles of Chocolate!

Today has been great. Tony and I have been really busy this week and I apologize for not blogging as much. Before I tell you about today I want to put in a plug for some of our dear friends.

Our good friends, Linda & Kevin Pillow, the super nice owners of Wild Birds Unlimited, in Kerrville, where our dear friend Marguerite also works, is doing the coolest thing this Saturday and Tony is going to try to go to it, while I keep our rescue ranch open to visitors and possible adopters.

I copied this from their website: "Last Chance Forever Will Be Joining us in Celebrating our 10th Anniversary on Saturday 10/11 2014 from 11 am until 2 pm. Please stop by and spend some time with these beautiful creatures. We never know who LCF will bring us!" This is the handout they gave to us the other day.

 Our dear friend Chet O'Keefe, who has been out here for a few days helping us, is leaving tomorrow morning, to play a gig at the the Blue Max, in Midland, Texas, tomorrow night and we wish that we could be there!

A while back, Chet became a member of Bridget London's "Last Honky Tonk Music Series" that is so cool. It sustains the artists, sustains the venues and sustains the community. And that is how Chet got this gig, in Midland. I hope that all of my friends and followers of my blog, in the Permian Basin area will go see Chet tomorrow night, because y'all will definitely love his music. And don't forget to tell Chet that Tony and I say, "Howdy!"

Miles of Chocolate, voted the Best Chocolate in Austin, for 5 years, can now be purchased at our dear friend Debbie's famous Old Timer, in Medina! So now if Central Market and Whole Foods, etc. are just too far away to drive, you can go to the Old Timer to get your chocolate fix for the day. 

This past Tuesday, a very nice man called me to ask for help. He told me that he has been fighting cancer for quite a long time and that he had just finished his last radiation treatment. He told me that because he has been in so ill and in so much pain, his doctors put him on some heavy pain killers, that he unfortunately got addicted to. "Those pills caused me great depression and nearly killed me. All I did was cry all of the time, so I got professional help. I am fixing to go into rehab, for at least a month to cure me of this horrible addiction....My problem is that I have four dogs. Two loving, older Labrador Retrievers that I must keep and last year I rescued these two little dogs, two separate times, running down the highway. I need to find a safe place for the two little dogs that I rescued, so I can go into rehab. They are very sweet, loving little dogs..."

His sad story broke my heart and I told him that I needed to talk to Tony about it and would call him back within the hour. Well, I talked to Tony about it and we both agreed that we needed to help this man's situation. When I called the man back to tell him that we could take his two little dogs and would find great homes for them and to please drop them off at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic for us, he would not quit thanking me. Then I went over to the Lodge and told Kinky about this man and his two little dogs. To say the least, "Kinky was glad that we were going to help him with his two small dogs."

Wednesday evening, I went over to Kinky's for a visit and after our fun visit, on his front porch, with The Friedmans, we decided to go on a hike with his four spoiled dogs. During our hike Kinky told me that he had been at Hoegemeyers, picking up Sophie and Mr. P. after being groomed, when the man came in to drop off the two small dogs. "Nance, he only dropped off one precious little dog, that you are going to fall in love with. I guarantee you. It is the cutest little thing."

"He only dropped off one?" I asked.

"Yes, he told Susan and me that his neighbor had offered to give his little, female Pug mix a forever home..."

This afternoon, after Chet, Tony and I ate lunch together, Tone and I took off for Kerrville, to go pick up the man's dog, Mindy, that has now been rescued twice. 

Oh my goodness! Mindy stole our hearts immediately and she sat in my lap and kissed me on the face, all of the way back to the rescue ranch. When we arrived at the ranch, Tony put Mindy in the alley between Buddy's and Mandy's & Bandy's, because we were hoping that she and Buddy would meet, between the fence and become fast friends, so she and Buddy could be roommates. 

Mindy is about one to two-years-old and one of the sweetest dogs and here's a picture of her, in the alley.

Forty five minutes later, when Karon and the girls came over to walk our dogs for us, we asked them to please walk Mindy and Buddy together, in hopes that the dogs wanted to be pen mates. Here's a picture that I took of Buddy and Mindy down by the creek, before the girls put the new best friends back into Buddy's pen. And that's about it for tonight—Life Is Good.

Y'all have a great evening!

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Fay said...

She is GORGEOUS! Wow! Love reading your blog, it's always so positive and uplifting. Thanks, Nancy!