Friday, October 24, 2014

Chet O'Keefe @ The Hunt Store Tonight—Starts Playing at 6:30!

Chet just called me. For those of you coming to hear Chet O'Keefe play at The Hunt Store tonight, he will start playing at 6:30, instead of 5:00. It's going to be fun and we hope we see y'all there.


mary sanders said...

I listened to his music on youtube and pretended I was there.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mary! If you Google Chet O'Keefe, you can buy his fabulous CDs on his bandcamp site. My guitar has already been signed by Willie Nelson, Billy Joe Shaver and Kinky and last winter when I asked Chet to please sign it too, I'm going to get to brag very soon, "That I knew him when!"