Friday, October 3, 2014

Eh, Y'all!

Eh, y'all! This morning and early this afternoon I wrote this to help pass the time while waiting to hear if Blake, Fay & Ian made it back home safely.

Blake is the third dog that Fay's & Ian's family have adopted from us over the years, so this morning while I was outside doing my chores and thinking about his super great adoption and how smoothly it went thanks to Fay and Julie, I came up with a name to describe what kind of a dog Blake is. So, when we were finished with our chores outside, I came back inside The Cabin and quickly designed this sign, so I could use it in today's post.

Everyone at the rescue ranch has been more than thrilled about Fay & Ian adopting Blake, because we love Blake so much. So last night, Eileen sent me an e-mail about how happy she was for Blake getting to live with Ian & Fay, in Toronto. Then she asked me if tomorrow it would be okay for her to bring out a poster board and use my paints & paint brushes, so she could paint a sign about Blake's adoption. And we get Tony to take a picture of all of us posing next to the sign, so she could post it on Facebook, for Fay & Ian and Eileen's friends to see. Of course my answer was, "Yes! That's a great idea!..." Here is a picture of Eileen painting her sign this morning and a picture that Tony took of us posing with it. "Thank you, Eileen and Tony!"

Back row left to right: Ellen, Suzanne, Jim "The Mineral Man," June and Jim
Front row left to right: Me, Eileen and Kris, holding Ringo Starr

At 4:26 this afternoon, Fay sent me this e-mail to let me know that Blake is now at their home, in Toronto, Canada! 
Fay wrote:

"Hi Nance & Tony,
We are all home safe in the Land of the True North, Strong and Free! Thank you so much for your hard work and coordination of Blake's trip home to Canada. Julie was stellar in her care of Blake on the long trip north to his new home. I highly recommend her dog transport service, she's the Best of the Best.

Last night was a bit *ahem*... well, let's just say that staying with Blake in that hotel room was like being in an 12 hour MMA Cage Match with a circus bear. LOL! Hi Ho Silver!!! There was too much going on for his liking - noise, lights and mirrors - and I'm pretty sure he knew it wasn't "home".

We crossed the Border with no problems whatsover today, there wasn't even a long wait like usual. He is being a very clean and well behaved gentleman, so it's a wonderful start. We absolutely adore him, he's the BIGGEST, sweetest dog! He even got the seal of approval from Wee Lassie. They are getting along great, here are a few pics to show you how much he loves it here in Canada with us. It was raining and he was loving the grass and pond areas. So fun to see him experience somethign new! He crosses his front paws when he's relaxed and happy, it's soooo cute! He is probably 4 times the size of Wee Lassie, they look adorable together ; ))"

Well, it looks like Blake's 2 day trip was well worth it for him. He's now living in the best home, in Canada and he is being loved big time. What more could he possibly ask for? More mirrors?

Y'all have a great evening!


Fay said...

My family is SO touched by this, it's absolutely wonderful!
Texican... PERFECT! LOL!!

I have seen how much the amazing volunteers contribute to the Utopia Ranch and how everyone supports the amazing work that Tony and Nancy do for all the strays that end up there.

Blake wouldn't be so amazing if it weren't for alls ya'll investing your valuable time walking and caring for all the furkids at Utopia. He was well loved before he arrived with us and you all need to give yourselves a pat on the back for the selfless contribution you make. We have ourselves one fine dog and it wouldn't have happened without each and every one of the Volunteers!
Much love, Fay & Family xoxo

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Our rescue ranch is so lucky to have the best friends aka best volunteers, in the Lone Star State! Please tell Blake, The Tex-i-can, that we love him and all of us are so happy for him. And don't forget to use the word Y'ALL!