Friday, September 20, 2013

We're Back!

We're back! Carol's and my Cowgirl Sisterhood "Spur of the Moment" road trip was a total blast. And it will probably have to take me two or three nightly posts to tell all. So Mari, please do not be disappointed, because you've been warned.

It all started this past Tuesday morning, when our dear friend Rick, "The Friendly Lighthouse Keeper," in Port Aransas, called me to tell me that Kinky would be performing at The Gaff, Thursday night. When we had adios-ed each other, I punched in Carol's phone number. "Carol, I must be going totally out of my mind, because Rick has just called me about Kinky coming down there on Thursday to play at The Gaff. Would you like to go down there with me?"

"Let's go!" Carol said.

"Okay. We could go down there Thursday morning and come back Friday morning."

"Have you told Kinky?" Carol asked.

"Not yet. In fact, I need to call Rick back to see if we can stay on the island."

"I think we should keep it a secret and that way we can surprise Kinky at The Gaff..." Then we made a plan and decided to leave Thursday morning at 10:00, if it was okay with Rick for us to spend the night.

Thursday morning, at 9:40, I was packed and ready to go when Rick calls me. "Nancy, just wanted to let you know that they have just decided that Kinky is going to be the Grand Marshall, in today's annual Pirate Parade, at 5:15. Y'all can surprise him at the parade instead and if you have any Miles of Chocolate left, please bring me some."

"I'm packing it into my duffle bag right now..."

As soon as Rick and I had adios-ed each other the phone rang again—it was Kinky. "Nance, Brian and I are leaving the ranch around 10:00. And to let you know that I've just been upgraded to Grand Marshall status for today's Pirate Parade."

"That's great news, Kink," I said, trying to sound surprised, as I began nervously pacing the floor. "Congrats..."

Carol arrived promptly at 10:00. While Tony helped her put Jake and Scout in The Okay Corral, so her dogs could spend the night here, I carried my duffle bag and a new box of wine to Carol's car and began telling her about us possibly running into Kinky and Brian Kanof, on the road, because we were leaving at the same time. On my second trip, I carried out the warm peach cobbler, that I had baked earlier in the morning, for Rick, because he loves my peach cobbler as much as he loves Miles of Chocolate.

After we had adios-ed Tony we took off. "Carol, now if we see Brian's car leaving the ranch at the same time, I'll duck, so they won't see me. They might have already left, so we'll either be ahead of them or chasing them down to Port Aransas."

Carol and I laughed non-stop all of the way to Port A and my back was starting to ache from all of the laughter. We stopped in Sinton, just long enough to eat lunch at the Dairy Queen and to go to the Dollar General.

The reason we went to the store was to buy a couple of pairs of those goofy-looking, kid glasses, that have thick eyebrows and a big nose, because Carol had suggested that it would be funny if we wore them as we stood on the curb, looking incognito, as Kinky's Grand Marshall golf cart passed by us.

That Dollar place didn't have any, so we laughed all of the way to the Wal-mart, in Ingleside, about us surprising Kinky and the reaction that we would get from him, when he recognized that it was us. We didn't find any at Wal-mart.

We arrived in Port Aransas at 3:20. Rick immediately noticed that I had cut five inches off of my ponytail and then he quickly whisked us away to the private island, to hide us from Kinky and to let us drop off our stuff, because he had just talked to Kinky. Brian and Kinky had just boarded the ferry and would be arriving in Port A at 3:30. Without knowing they had chased us.

To Be Continued...

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