Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Guilty As Charged!

Today has been great. This morning after washing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen, I decided to take a short, sleepless nap with our dogs and they were thrilled about it. After I got on our bed, Roy jumped up, circled and then snuggled up with his back to me and his head on my pillow.

Then Belle laid down next to Roy. Then Beau jumped up and curled up next to Belle, wedging her in, like she had wedged Roy in between us. Abbie and Mama took the bottom portion of the bed, using up the rest of the space available. Soon everyone was snoring, but me, of course, or at least that's what I thought.

As you know, one of my most favorite things to do, when I want to relax, is to take short naps with my dogs, because their devotion and love for me energizes me. After I had thought about what all I needed to do today I made a plan on how to get it all done. Then I began counting all of my many blessings and I started with our dogs.

Maybe fifteen minutes had elapsed, before I recognized an all too familiar sound, coming from the opposite side of the bed. I raised up slowly and witnessed Beau happily gnawing away on our already worn out bedspread.

Actually, I wasn't that upset about it, because I am used to not having nice things, because of our dogs and also because Tony's dog is still a puppy. "Stop it, Beau," I whispered, trying not to wake up the others. Beau froze, with the evidence hanging from his mouth. Then he spit out the old bedspread, jumped off of the bed and high-tailed it, out of our bedroom.

Mama groaned and she was the only one who woke up. Then she stretched her long, white, furry legs and went back to sleep. Then I started chuckling to myself about Belle's and Beau's puppy destruction and demolition.

As a puppy, Belle, also Tony's dog, was into electronics. She chewed on any wire that she could find and one time, if Tony hadn't screamed, "Turn it off now!" while I was using Hazel, in another room, to remove unwanted hair from everything that we own, Belle would not be sleeping in her chair, right now. She chewed up all of the wiring, on three different sets of solar lights, that used to softly, light up our front porch and Outer Space. And one evening, she ruined my entertainment for the night, when she chewed up Direct TV's cable.

Tony's other dog, Beau, has been just as destructive as Belle. He's a carpenter by trade and he is also into demolition work. Beau must have been a Beaver, in another lifetime, because he loves wood. He's gnawed on the legs of all of our tables and chairs and within a year and a half, he has successfully rounded off, all of the corners of our front and back porch steps. He has also secretly demolished blankets, towels, socks, pillows, dog beds, sheets and now, what used to be my favorite bedspread.

When our nap time was over we all jumped off of the bed, except for Beau, because he was in Tony's office secretly chewing off the corner of a bird photography book. After I had checked out the damage he had done to our bedspread, I couldn't help but laugh. Then I grabbed my camera and half-hollered, "Beau, come here."

Beau followed me into the bedroom and then he obediently jumped up on the bed, as I had asked him to do. Then I stood back and took this mug shot of him, next to his newly created hole. Guilty as charged.

Late this afternoon I went over to the Lodge, to visit with Kinky and to share my peach cobbler with him, that I had baked earlier today. After he ate the cobbler and had complimented me on it, we went outside, to the front porch, with The Friedmans, for a short, but fun visit. When I told him about Beau gnawing a hole in my quilt this morning, he also laughed and thought it was pretty funny.

Y'all have a great evening!

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