Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Today has been a little bit strange, but great. This morning after breakfast, Kinky called me. He invited me to come over for a cup of Green Mountain's Donut Shop coffee. It was an offer I could not refuse, because Tony and I are addicted to Keurig's Donut Shop coffee and that is why I bought that coffee sign yesterday.

Kinky and I sat in rocking chairs, on the front porch drinking coffee while watching The Friedmans run around the yard. We had a short, fun visit and guess what? Neither Tony, Brandon or Kinky have noticed my hair loss. I think it is totally hilarious.

Carol did send me an e-mail last night, after having read my blog, stating that she didn't notice my sawed-off ponytail, because I had never turned my back to her, on her short visit. So she is officially off of the hook, but the guys aren't.

This afternoon, before Tony went to pick up his new postcards, he dropped me off at the mall, so I  could shop at a popular department store. I needed to buy a new pair of Levis, for my upcoming trip with Carol and the oddest thing happened. When I slid my credit card through the machine it rejected it. The nice salesman tried it and it rejected it, too. The polite salesman told me that it says that I needed to call this phone number, so I grabbed my cell phone out of my purse and discovered that its battery was dead.

So, he picked up the phone and called the number for me and then handed me the phone. As I listened to the prompts I was told what my new balance was, my available credit, etc., but I could not speak to anyone, so I hung up. I asked the salesman to call the number and listen to the recording and he was given the same message.

I could tell that he was getting nervous that an old woman, like me, might go ballistic, so he called his manager for help. She was very nice, too. "Last week this store sent me a new credit card and had raised my credit limit. The letter told me to immediately destroy my old card and I did," I explained. "Now, I wish I hadn't.

"Did you validate your new card?" She asked.

"No. I forgot," I confessed, before I started laughing and then they started laughing. The manager dialed a secret number and explained to the credit department that I had forgotten to validate my card and I could tell that she was trying real hard not to laugh. Then she handed me the phone to answer a security question.

Fortunately, because I know my birth date, I passed the test and my card was validated and now activated. As I signed off on my credit card, I thanked the man and manager for being so pleasant and for helping me solve the problem. As I walked away, I joked, "Thank goodness there wasn't a line of customers waiting behind me!"

When I left the store, Tony was waiting for me and when I told him about my charge card experience, he thought it was pretty funny. Then we drove across the street to pick up a few groceries at H-E-B. As we shopped the isles, Tony told me about how great his new postcards had turned out. "I had them print one hundred and I want to stop at Koyote, I mean Medina Highpoint Resort, to see if Pete wants to buy some. (Please note that Medina Highpoint Resort used to be Koyote Ranch.)

When we had finished shopping, there were five items in our cart, so we got in the 10 Items or Less Express Lane. When I wrote the check for the amount, the friendly cashier suddenly realized that the scanner had not scanned Tony's beer, she apologized. "Don't worry," I said. I will pay cash for the beer." Then I handed her a twenty dollar bill.

After she rang up the sale, she told me the amount and then I tried to hand her another twenty dollar bill. She smiled and waved my first twenty at me. I started laughing, as I shoved the twenty back into my wallet. This nice, old man, probably about my age, was standing behind me and he started laughing when I joked, "Being a senior citizen ain't easy. The only thing that I can remember is my birth date and the Alamo."

When we arrived at the Medina Highpoint Resort, Sarah and Pete greeted us. When we left Pete had purchased one hundred postcards! Tony was thrilled and down to only twenty new postcards. "Nance, I am going to have to reprint some more!" I was happy for Tony.

After we came home, put up the groceries, returned a few phone calls we jumped into Buttermilk and took off for The Old Timer, in Medina. We had a nice visit with Debbie, the store owner and when we left to come back home Tony was totally out of postcards and I had sold several more copies of my novellas. To say the least, "We were both thrilled. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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