Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Rug Doctor!

Today has been great. This morning when Tony got up, it was forty-six degrees outside. When I got up, it was forty-eight degrees outside. Fall is finally here at last and today's weather has proved it.

Early this morning, while Tony and Brandon were outside doing chores, I caught up with some e-mails and paperwork. Then I declared that I was taking the day off, which only the dogs heard me say, because Tone and Bama were still outside.

After the three of us ate lunch, I cleaned up the kitchen. Then I went and put on my "painting clothes," because my two painted rugs on the floor needed doctoring, because I think the last time that I "The Rug Doctor," painted the rugs was two or three years ago.

Painting the two wooden rugs generally takes me at least four to five hours, so I decided to paint just one color a day, instead of making it an all day project.

I decided that today's color would be off-white. Tomorrow's will be the turquoise color and the darkest color that I will paint will be on Wednesday, because Carol and I are meeting my dear friend, Mari, for lunch, at Bella Sera, on Tuesday.

When I started putting down the painter's tape, Belle and Roy kept trying to lay down beside me. So I decided until today's project was completed, I had to put all of my "best friends" outside, except for Mama, because she was sound asleep, on our bed.

As Belle, Roy, Abbie and Beau stared at me through the front porch window I taped off all of the off-white areas. Then I painted as fast as I could, because Roy kept banging real hard, on the window, using his paw, wanting me to let him come back inside and it was killing me not to let them come back inside.

From outside, the four dogs impatiently watched the paint dry with me. When the paint had dried I quickly removed the painter's tape, so I could be reunited with my dogs. I loved how much better the rugs already looked, but I was even happier about Roy not busting out the window, with his heavy pounding.

When I opened the front door to let them back inside, Roy and Belle did the strangest thing. They each claimed a rug, while Abbie chose to lay down on a dog bed and Beau rocked, in his rocking chair. And that is about it for tonight, except I want to let you know that neither Tony or Brandon has noticed my hair loss.

Y'all have a great evening!

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