Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Truth Is Out There!

Today has been great, but first I am going to catch up with everything that has been going on since Thursday.

Thursday was "arrival day" for us. afternoon around 2:3O, Rivon arrived safely with the two sweet Border Collie pups, that she rescued from death row. Even though it was a six hour drive for the 3-month-old puppies they were very happy to get out of the car.

Unfortunately, fifteen minutes later, Tony loaded them into crates, inside Buttermilk and we took off for Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, after picking up Carol, because she wanted to meet the puppies and after dropping them off, go to Home Depot with us for our decorating projects.

The other thing that arrived on Thursday were Tony's new business cards, that I had designed for him. He loves them and I am proud of them. He asked me to use Mike Scovel's great caricature of him and then he told me to do what ever I wanted. This is what I did and because the card is so small it reads:
Uncle Tony's Snapshots. If it moves me, I shoot it with my Canon. Capturing the folks & the wildlife of  the Texas Hill Country, one shot at a time....

Friday was a great day, too. The volunteers came out and walked our dogs for us. And needless to say, "Our dogs loved it more than we did." Lisa surprised me with the cutest, little, pink flashlight, which I love and so did Kris and Jim. They gave us a big bag, filled with okra and peppers that we cannot wait to roast. And they loaned us SI-Cology 101: Tales & Wisdom From Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle.

Today has been great. But because we went over to Carol's and had a fun time and ate a delicious, healthy dinner, with her dear friend, Brenda, who we also love, I am only going to tell you one more thing tonight that has made our day great, because it is nearly 8:30.

Our dear friends, the ones who recently went through Roswell and are fictional characters in my novellas, sent us an hilarious, Alien care package. The box was stuffed with the funniest stuff, that I especially love, but it did cause a minor quarrel between Tony and me. Check out the box, that they had wrapped in aluminum foil and it's contents.

This is my thank you for the alien care package e-mail that I sent to them:

"I love y'all! Tony and I received your Roswell care package and we absolutely love every thing inside the box. I have already put the "The Truth Is Out There" bumper sticker on our refrigerator. The round alien bumper sticker is now stuck on my guitar case. I told Tony that the glasses are mine and that I am not sharing them, because he just got those wearable binoculars. I put the little green alien and the little buttons, above my kitchen sink, next to Jiminy Cricket.  Brandon got jealous over the cool space ship guitar pick. And we fought over who got the alien license and I won. It is now tucked away, in my billfold, next to my Home Depot card. Thank y'all so much for the too cool alien package-it's out of this world. Much love and Rememer the Alamo. Nancy"

Tomorrow we are picking up the sweet Border Collies. We asked Susan, at Hoegemeyers, to please help us name them. She called me later and came up with Miranda and Blake and I loved it. Tomorrow my decorating project should be finished and I will post something, with pictures, tomorrow evening. And that is about it for tonight. 

Y'all have a great evening!

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