Thursday, September 5, 2013

A 400 Pound Yellow Lab!

Yesterday was great. For the past several days Tony has anxiously been waiting to receive these wearable binocular glasses, that he ordered Online. He told me that they were under $10.00 and that I should buy a pair too, to use when I am writing on my computer. He got me excited about the binocular glasses, but I told him that I would wait and see how his worked.

Well yesterday, before taking off to Kerrville, we swung by our mailbox and sure enough his binocular glasses had arrived in the mail. As we sat inside Buttermilk, by the mailboxes, he ripped open his package. When I saw the pair of glasses, that he was anxiously trying to remove from the package, I tried not to laugh, but I did anyway.

When Tony put them on I laughed even harder, as he adjusted them. "There is no way that I am going to wear those things, Tony. They make you look like a mad scientist," I stated. Then he started laughing, as he removed his high-powered, plastic, wearable binoculars.

"They sort of work," he replied, wearing an upside down smile on his face. Then he handed me his B.G.s to try on, as we took off for Kerrville. When I put them on, I looked into the mirror and burst out laughing, even though my vision was highly magnified and somewhat blurry, then I removed his latest mail order purchase and asked him if he liked them. "Yes, I like them." Then I purposefully changed the subject.

When we returned home with our groceries, he put his new glasses back on, while I put up our groceries. "It makes your TV look like it's a big screen TV," he declared. "They really do work. Check it out."

I reluctantly slipped them back on and Roy instantly began barking at me, like he was scared of me. When I looked down at him, he really scared me, because he looked four times bigger, than he already is. He looked like a 400 pound Yellow Lab. Then Belle and Mama came running down the hallway to see what was the matter. When they saw me, they started barking too, and the fur on Belle's back stood up. So, I quickly removed Tone's glasses and their barking stopped. And that is about it for this morning, because we're meeting Kinky and some friends for lunch, at Randy & Lisa's Save Inn restaurant. I think I will bring Tony's new binoculars with us, so everyone can try them on and tell us what they think. I'll write more tonight.

Y'all have a great afternoon!

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