Monday, September 2, 2013

Bella Sera!

Labor Day has been great. Early this afternoon Tony and I met our friends, Les & Denise, Deb & Craig and Kris & Jim "The Mineral Man" for lunch, at Bella Sera, Kerrville's newest Italian restaurant, on Sidney Baker, near I-10.

Last month, at our monthly luncheon with our good friends, Jim & Kris had highly recommended that we try out the new restaurant and I am so glad that we did, because their food was absolutely delicious and Jerry, our friendly waiter, was a great waiter, with a fabulous sense of humor.

We all ordered different entrees. Then we were served warm, homemade bread, that was so tasty it was to die for. Every one's soup or salad won high praises from all eight of us, too.

After Jerry had served us our delicious entrees all of us agreed that Bella Sera was the best Italian restaurant, in Kerrville—hands down. Then things got a little quiet at our table, because everyone was happily eating—the Best Italian Food, in Kerr County.

When Jerry came back to refill our glasses, he asked us, "What do you think of our food?"

Because all of our mouths were full of food, Denise spoke up and said, "I give it a 10! I love your food and this restaurant. We will definitely be coming back."

Then all seven of us swallowed and echoed her words, "I give it a 10, too."

Then Denise joked, "Actually, I want to make one suggestion. Instead of playing Country music while we eat, why not play Italian music." All of us started laughing. "Or maybe Polka music. I love Polka music, too. Like Frankie Yankovic's polka music. He was known as the King of Polka Music."

We laughed harder and then we disagreed with Denise's suggestion and told Jerry, to please keep playing the Country music that we were enjoying. Jerry smiled and he shook his head sideways, "Please, no Italian music. The last Italian restaurant that I worked at played the same ten Italian songs and then repeated the play list all day long. It was too much."

"Okay," Denise teased. "If y'all won't play Italian or Polka music, then I am going to have to lower my score from 10 to 9.8." Then she requested another basket of their warm bread, for us to enjoy, which pushed the restaurant's score back up to 10.

As we left the best Italian restaurant, in town, we all agreed that our favorite Italian restaurant is now Bella Sera, that El Sol de Mexico is our favorite Mexican restaurant and Randy & Lisa's Save Inn restaurant serves the best breakfast. And that is about it for tonight, because it is thundering, lightning and raining! Life is good.

Y'all have a great evening!

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Mari of the NoMads said...

Sure wish I'd known you were going to Bella Sera. Try an off-the-menu item - Nick's Salad with Salmon. Get any dressing you want but my favorite for it is balsamic.

I read about it on the Internet from someone who buys it weekly.

I get it monthly and it's one of the highlights of the month for me!

I've eaten at Bella Sera in Marble Falls and can say that Kerrville's is far superior!