Wednesday, January 30, 2013

See Nancy Run!

Today has been great. Tony and I went over to Kinky's Lodge around 12:30 to eat lunch with him and our friend Mark. We brought ribs and beans that we had cooked earlier and a warmed loaf of H-E-B's Jalapeno & Cheese bread.

When we walked inside the Lodge with the great smelling food, I said, "We're having a cowboy lunch today." As the four of us sat at the kitchen table eating lunch we did a lot of laughing. When Kinky started telling Mark about how much he liked my new novella, he suggested that I put a Zombie, a vampire or a werewolf in one of the upcoming novellas, because they are so popular right now. "I don't know, Kink. I've already got people wearing homemade alien-attracting helmets, that have Alien-fever in this first one," I said. Then I signed a copy of The Cowgirl Sisterhood: The Membership Drive, Part I, to Mark.

Speaking of The Cowgirl Sisterhood, last month I was contacted by the people at Cowgirl Sisterhood Wine, made in the Napa Valley, about them wanting my permission to use a picture from my blog for an upcoming promotional event and of course I said, "Yes, I would love it!" And they did on their Facebook page on January 1, 2013.

The picture they wanted to use was this one that I took of their Cowgirl Sisterhood Wine sitting on a shelf above the sign that I hand painted on an old cutting board that I had replaced. "Cowgirl Sisterhood Wine Rules!"

After our fun lunch with Mark and Kinky we adios-ed them and then we went to get our mail. When I opened up our mailbox on Highway 16, there was big box addressed to me from our our dear German cowgirl friend, Karin Pohlmann.

When we got home Tony opened it for me and there was a sweet letter explaining why her and Air Gun's Christmas presents for us were late. "We bought the two coffee mugs at an internet store and they arrived late. They are made in USA, took a trip to Germany and now they went home..."

Then Tony and I unwrapped their Christmas presents to us and we love the mugs. In fact, mine is filled with Keurig's Donut Shop coffee that I am drinking right now. "Thank you Karin, Fancy (their Poodle) and Air Gun! We love y'all!"

This afternoon I decided to take my Roy Rogers for a long walk, while Karen and Tony supervised the girls walking our dogs down by the creek. Roy was so excited to go on a walk with me he basically drug me down to the creek. When we walked up to Kermit to visit with Tony and Karen, Tony made a joke about, "See Nancy Run" and then he suggested that he remove Roy's leash and put a harness on Roy to help slow him down for me and thirty-seconds later, I had Roy under control and began some serious leash training.

One hour later, when Roy and I got back home, Roy first drank all of the water in the filled up water bowl and then he decided to take a nap on the painted rug, in the big room, while I returned a few phone calls. 

And that is about it for tonight. "I love you, Roy."

Y'all have a great evening!

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Anonymous said...

kinky always funny;you too. no zombies or vampires needed for your stories:)!!