Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bring 'Em On!

Today has been really great, because of Brandon, who works part-time for us and he is only eighteen-years-old. Early this afternoon Brandon came out to help Tony with some chores and then it was time for the fun, music and good food.

Brandon showed us how he cooks boneless ribs and they were the best boneless ribs that we have ever eaten. After the ribs had cooked in the oven for an hour and a half we took them outside to The Okay Corral, so he show us how he seasons them and then he put them on our grill and closed the lid.

Then Brandon and I then grabbed our acoustic guitars and sat by the grill and began pickin' and grinnin' while Tony took some awesome pictures of birds. Thirty-five minutes later, we put our guitars inside my writing cabin, so Brandon could finish the cooking process.

Ten minutes later, we were inside The Cabin eating Brandon's delicious boneless ribs and we could not quit talking about how delicious they were. "Brandon, these are the best ribs that I've ever eaten," I said and then Tony said the same thing.

After we had all over eaten I picked up the phone and called Kinky. "Kinky, Brandon just cooked us some delicious ribs and they are even better than my brother Ronnie's. And you know that Ronnie is pretty famous for his ribs. We wanted to come over and bring you some ribs."

"Bring 'em on!"

"Brandon and I wrapped the remaining ribs in foil and then we took off in Kermit to deliver Brandon's mouth-watering ribs to Kinky and his friends.

"Brandon, these are the best," Kinky remarked. Then Kinky's talented musician friend, Ty Weatherford, repeated Kinky's words and then Shawn, a popular radio host, in San Antone, agreed with both of them. While they ate Brandon's delicious ribs we had a fun visit with them and then we adios-ed them and returned to the rescue ranch.

He and I grabbed our guitars out of my writing cabin and then we went up to The Cabin, so Brandon could give me a quick guitar lesson and twenty minutes later he and I were jamming and we sounded so good, Tony came out of his man cave where he had been watching a football game, so he could sit and listen to us.

We played our guitars for over an hour, but when my fingers really started killing me, I had to put my guitar up. "Brandon, please keep playing while I clean up our kitchen," I said.

Brandon played several beautiful songs that he has written and real soon I am going to help him record them using my Garage Band software. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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