Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thank You, H-E-B!

This morning when Tony returned from The Old Timer, in Medina, he handed me the San Antonio Express newspaper. After we ate breakfast and I had cleaned up the kitchen I pulled out my favorite things I like to read: Parade, Life, Taste, coupons. Then I saw the January H-E-B My TexasLife magazine, which I always enjoy and I decided to read it first.

The January issue, Healthy New Year was full of savings and fresh ideas about making healthier food choices with tasty-looking recipes. When I got to "A New Year's Pet-Solution!" section I about fell out of my chair when I turned the page and saw a full page advertisement, on page 55, for our rescue ranch.

I half-hollered down the hallway, "Tony! H-E-B has done it again. They've put a beautiful, full page ad about our rescue ranch in their My TexasLife magazine!" Then I picked up the phone and punched in Kinky's phone number and told Kink about it and he too, was thrilled about it. "That's great news, Nancy...."

You can check out H-E-B's Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch full page advertisement here. Thank you for helping us, H-E-B! We love you and your monthly magazines.

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