Monday, January 14, 2013

Just Be Nice!

This morning has not been great. When I woke up this morning, I found a note from Tony on the breakfast bar, "Nancy, the Internet is down. Love, Tony." So, I opened up my laptop to check it out and sure enough—I could not get on the Internet.

The new router that we purchased last week, kept asking me for my WEP password. Not knowing for sure what the WEP meant I kept typing in the four different passwords that we had to write down, to set up our easy to use router. Unfortunately, because I am not a techo-savvy-nerd, I just kept trying over and over again and receiving this message, "Invalid Password."

When Tone got back from Old Timer, in Medina, he called our local phone company to see if the Internet was down and he was told, "No, it is not down." Then we ate our breakfast.

After I had cleaned up the kitchen I once again sat down at the kitchen table to try one more time. After typing in the four secret passwords over and over again and getting the same messages, "Invalid Password," I looked at the router's manual to find a phone number, but it did not have one and it said, "For technical support go to this web address."

By now my patience was beginning to wear thin, because I couldn't just call the company and ask them, "To please help an old woman that is hard of hearing get online" and I could not get on the Internet to go to their support page, because of invalid passwords that I never wanted to use in the first place.

Trying hard not to rip the router from the wall and force it down the toilet, I decided to smudge The Cabin. Then I lit some of my favorite incense, Pinion Pine, from New Mexico and went back to Tony's office where our new router rules.

All six of our dogs were standing around, watching me closely probably wondering what in the world I was doing and it made Tony and me start to laugh. Then I told our one-week-old, new improved, highly secure router, "Just be nice." Then with our six dogs following me I left T's man cave and came back into the kitchen to try getting on the Internet, for the one-hundredth time.

When I tried to get on again, it asked me for my WPA password, instead of the WEP password that it had continually requested before. Still not knowing what a WEP or WPA stood for, I typed in one of our passwords and got lucky! "Tony! I'm on!" I happily half-hollered down the hallway.

Tony came running down the hallway, "How'd you do it?"

"I guess smudging The Cabin and asking it to just be nice made a big difference in its attitude."

Then Tone went back into his man cave and a few seconds later I heard him happily say, "I'm on, too!"

As I end this morning's bad story- turned good, so I can go outside to clean the dog pens while Tony feeds the dogs, I am so happy to finally be back on the Internet. And I owe it all to these three powerful words, "Just be nice."

Y'all have a great day and evening!

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