Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Big G's Real Deal!

Today has been great. I had a fun time doing Big G's Real Deal radio show early this morning. After we had talked about our rescue ranch, the Chamber of Commerce weather, our musician friend Ty Weatherford's upcoming CD and Kinky getting back from New York City, I asked, "Big G, can I do an early birthday shout out to Kris B., because her birthday is on Friday?"

"Go right ahead," Big G said. After I had said happy birthday to Kris, he said, "I like Kris and Jim. They are good people, so on Friday I am going to sing the Happy Birthday song to her on air..."

After Big G and I adios-ed each other I decided to check my e-mail and Kris had just sent me an e-mail telling me how thrilled she was for the early birthday wishes and like me, she is excited about Big G singing her Happy Birthday this coming Friday.

This morning after we had done our morning chores outside our dear friend Charlie Cooper, (He and his wife Ellen are characters in my first mystery novella.) came over to buy a few more books and have me sign them. And he brought along his sweet dad who is ninety-three-years-old and Coy, so we could drink some coffee and have a fun visit. And Tony and I really enjoyed their visit.

Because I had several errands to run in Kerrville, we decided to eat lunch at Randy & Lisa's Save Inn Restaurant, on Sidney Baker, because we love their delicious food and their friendly waitresses. When the signal light turned green on Water Street and Sidney Baker we were in the right lane watching an impatient man, standing on the corner, continually pushing the walk button to help him cross the street safely. As we turned right onto Sidney Baker Street we were laughing about the man not needing to keep pushing the button and then we saw Sandy in her car, waving both of her arms outside her window, trying to get our attention. So, we quickly waved back to her.

After we ate a delicious lunch we went straight across the street to Home Depot, so I could buy four L- brackets. Then we went to the Big H-E-B to pick up some more boneless ribs, because tomorrow Tone and I are going to try to cook Brandon's secret family recipe. And we can't wait.

Tonight I plan to play my guitar and practice what Brandon taught me, then I plan to write. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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