Friday, January 4, 2013

El Sol de Mexico!

Today has been great for so many reasons. Around noon, Tony, my super hero dog, Roy Rogers and I climbed into Buttermilk, our Expedition, to go to Kerrville.

Our first stop was at the Post Office so I could mail out some more of my books that had been ordered. Then we went to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic to drop off Roy for an hour or so, because he needed to get all of his yearly shots while we met our friends/volunteers for lunch, at all of ours favorite Mexican food restaurant, El Sol de Mexico.

When Tony handed off Roy's leash to Kathy and we started to leave the clinic, Roy started barking and pulling on his leash towards us, because he didn't want us to leave him.

Tony and I were the first to arrive at El Sol de Mexico and when we walked inside Beto, the friendliest waiter came to greet us, "There's going to be seven of us," I told him, then we sat down on the bench to wait for our friends and to let Beto and the owner set up a larger table for us.

When our table was ready, Tony and I went to our table and minutes later Eileen and Lisa showed up, then Kris and then June and Ellen. We talked about Fruitful's adorable Chihuahua pups that Ellen rescued from the pound when they were only two days old. Ellen and June have found super forever homes for the mama and her pups and their are only three pups that need homes. Here is a precious picture of the puppies that June took this morning and next are two of the pups still looking for a super home. If anyone wants to adopt a pup, Ellen is asking $25.00 each to cover expenses and a week ago Friday they all received their first puppy shot. Please call me at the rescue ranch if you are interested and I will hook you up with Ellen.

Our lunch was fun and delicious and we were the loudest table in the restaurant, because of all of the teasing and laughter. And unfortunately that is all that I can say, because they made a pact, which I didn't want to, because their is so much to tell. Our pact is: What happens at El Sol de Mexico—Stays at El Sol de Mexico, Nancy. But who knows, I might just put some of their hilarious stories in one of my novellas.  : )

Late this afternoon my new electric ukulele and my Oster bread making machine, arrived and I was more than thrilled about it, because the ukulele that Vern sent to Tony and me, is at Stans's music store getting electrified and Tiny should be ready to be picked up next week. 

I bought the extra uke which I have already named The Nellybelle, because Tony wants to learn how to play one and tonight I taught him three basic chords and here is a picture of him strumming The Nellybelle with Roy snoring and he sounded really good. Please note that it was T. not Roy who sounded really good

Tomorrow after Brandon does his chores outside with Tony we are going to have a jam session with Tone and Brandon on ukuleles and me on guitar and I cannot wait. And that's about it for tonight, because my bread machine's very first loaf of bread, using The Mineral Man's secret whole wheat bread recipe, is almost cooked and ready to eat.

Y'all have a great evening! 

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Eileen (Ronnie Fan!) said...

Remember, El Sol conversation is off the record! Hahahahaha!!!
Also, I can smell that whole wheat bread all the way from my house in Kerrville, Nancy! My gosh, I wish I had a slice with melting butter on it!
I really enjoyed our lunch today and wish Jim "Mineral Man" a big get well and hope he can make our next lunch with the Fab Four, Kris/Mineral Mann, Nancy & Tony and Jim McM.