Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oh! Excuse Me!

This weekend has been great. Yesterday, while Brandon helped Tony with the morning chores outside, I was baking another loaf of 100% Stone Ground Whole Wheat—gluten free bread and keeping an eye on the boneless ribs cooking in the oven, because we we're going to have Brandon's delicious ribs, my homemade beans with fresh bread for lunch.

When Brandon and Tony went to The Okay Corral to start the grill, to finish cooking Brandon's delicious recipe, our dear friends Big G and his lovely wife Denise, showed up, because Big G wanted his wife to see our rescue ranch. We invited them to join us for lunch, but they declined, because they had eaten an early lunch.

After we had showed Denise our rescue ranch and given them the grand tour we had a fun visit with them, before they took off to go visit Kinky. And our lunch was so delicious there were no ribs or beans leftover.

After lunch today we made a quick run to the big H-E-B on Main Street to get groceries and I am so embarrassed about what I did. When I grabbed a cart outside before going inside the store to shop with Tony, I saw a young man probably in his late fifties staring at me and just as our eyes met I accidentally burped out loud and it was really loud. "Oh! Excuse me," I said to the shocked stranger smiling at me as Tone chuckled. "I ate onions at lunch. I'm sixty-one and in the last two years whenever I eat onions—I burp uncontrollably without notice."

"Don't worry, it happens to me, too and I'm fifty-nine." Then he pushed his filled grocery cart out of the store and I pushed our empty cart into the store. And Tony teased me about it until I made him pick up and put the H-E-B brand 18 Count made-for-old-people under pads, in our grocery cart, for Toto's incontinence.

When we got back to the rescue ranch, as I unpacked our groceries and put them up, Tony started making bacon-wrapped bananas as fast as he could, a forty-five-year-old recipe that he truly stole from me years ago when we met, because he wanted to cook them for Brandon and his friends, at the Medina Children's Home, who were coming over to walk our dogs for us.

When we told these super nice young men about Tony grilling them bacon-wrapped bananas they were not thrilled and were not sure they wanted to eat them, but thankfully Brandon talked them into eating at least one. Then we went outside to The Okay Corral.

While Tony grilled his appetizers Brandon and I picked and grinned. After I had played some songs with Brandon on my guitar with him playing Tony's baritone ukulele I quit and asked Brandon to entertain us until the bacon-wrapped bananas were cooked and his music was awesome.

When Tone said, "Okay, they're ready. Come and get it," at Tony's No Whiner Diner, Brandon rushed to the grill, but the others hesitated for a few seconds. And after everyone had eaten just one—they could not get enough of them and to Tony's delight they raved about them as they gobbled them up.

A few minutes later, T. told these four nice, polite, high school boys, "There are only four left," they charged to the grill to get one more and it made Tony, Karen and me laugh out loud.

After T. had shut down his outdoor diner Brandon offered to carry my heavy guitar for me, so I could just carry the light-weight uke back to The Cabin. And as he and I climbed the stairs to the front porch he started laughing and whispered, "I love Tony's bacon-wrapped bananas so much. I grabbed four of them when Tony first said they were ready, but don't tell my friends." Which of course I did later on and it made everyone laugh. Happy Birthday, 'Erb!

Y'all have a great evening!

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