Friday, January 18, 2013

Confessions Of A Texas Book Dealer!

Today has been great and a lot of fun. This morning our super volunteers: Jim, Kris & Jim, "The Mineral Man," came out to walk our dogs for us. Around 10:30, while our friends/volunteers walked our dogs our friend Sandy Wolfmueller arrived with her dear friend Sohnne, because Sandy wanted her to see our rescue ranch and to meet us.

When Sohnne climbed out of Sandy's SUV and smiled at me, I instantly liked her and knew that we were going to have a fun visit. And I was totally right. After Sandy introduced us, we came inside The Cabin to visit and to drink some coffee.

The three of us laughed and traded stories back and forth, while Mama and Roy demanded they full attention to keep them petting them. We talked about Sohnne's love for her American Quarter Horses, me being a part-time cowgirl, books, our dogs, rattle snakes, her favorite goose. But when Sohnne told Sandy and me about her once getting to interview Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, in Dallas and how much fun it was—I turned green with envy, because I never got to meet them.

After the dog walking ended, our friends came inside to join us and while everyone sampled a piece of my just baked, dented, 100% Whole Wheat Bread and drank Donut Shop coffee, Tony and I showed The Mineral Man our concert series ukulele that Vern gave to us and Tony's baritone uke, because Jim is going to buy one and learn how to play it.

Then all of us went to Koyote Ranch to eat lunch together. "I'm just going to drink tea, because when we get home I want to eat my bread for lunch," I confessed.

As always, our lunch at the Koyote Grill was filled with laughter and funny stories and I didn't want it to end, because I was having so much fun.

Earlier this evening I checked my e-mail. Our dear friend John Kemmerly, who we love and once worked here, sent me a note about getting his story, "Confessions Of A Texas Book Dealer" published on So I immediately went to the site and John's article was the first thing I saw at the top of their home page.

When I started reading, "Confessions Of A Texas Book Dealer," I was hooked before I even read the second paragraph and because John is such a fabulous, talented author—I ignored two incoming phone calls, because I loved what I was reading and was determined to finish his story, before returning any phone calls.

After I had read John Kemmerly's engaging, well written article I posted a comment about his entertaining read, on the site. Then I returned the two phone calls. I hope that all of y'all will check out and read his, "Confessions Of A Texas Book Dealer." Because I am fixing to go read it again. I promise that y'all will love it.

Y'all have a great evening!

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