Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This morning we received some very sad news from our dear friend Ben. Valerie, Ben's beautiful, sweet Pit Bull that we rescued over ten years ago, that he adopted from us, lost her long battle fighting cancer.

Valerie was loved by many, including Kinky, Tony and me and she was a joy to be around because she was so sweet and well trained by Ben. Rest in Peace, Valerie. We loved you and you will be missed and you will always be remembered in our hearts.


Fay said...

I am sorry to hear of her passing, please extend my condolences to Ben on his loss. Godspeed Valerie!

Mari of the NoMads said...

Could there be a more beautiful statement of the relationship between this man and his dog than the picture you posted?

I hope Ben can regularly celebrate her life via memories stored forever in and then called from his heart.

Wait patiently there close to the Bridge, Valerie. Good girl.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay and Mari. I will let Ben know and that is my favorite picture of them together, that Tony took several years ago. He was so lucky to have her, but Valerie was the luckiest one of all, because she was loved by him.