Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Second Post For Today! The Eternal Squirrel Is Back!

Right after I wrote and posted today's post on my blog, my dear friend Sandy called me about coming out for a visit next week with her dear friends Wook and Sohnne. After we adios-ed each other I went to let my dog Roy back inside, because he was banging his paw on our front porch window, to get my attention.

When I opened the front door to let him and Belle inside I noticed that Yoda's Eternal Squirrel, cemented into her grave was glowing and I was more than thrilled, "Tony, The Eternal Squirrel has come back to life! Come look!"

Then I grabbed my camera and ran outside to the front porch. After I focused my camera on Yoda's heart-shaped grave I shot the Eternal Squirrel (the outdoor solar-powered squirrel), just before it got dark outside. Life is good once again!


Richard Mele said...

You know what's weird is I was just thinking I'm gonna name my new cat "Little Flying Squirrel." Serendepitous.
(Spell-check says I spelled that wrong. I did not).

cousin nancy said...

Hi Richard. I love the name and it is pretty cool that you were thinking about the name when you read about Yoda's Eternal Squirrel. Thanks for commenting.