Friday, April 1, 2011

I Love The Rose 99.9 FM!

Today has been great. This morning Jim, one of our great dog walking volunteers, came out and walked our dogs for us and the Hill Country's famous and favorite dog whisperer, Sharon Griswold, of "Rover Misbehaving?" came out and worked more of her magic on Annie Oakley!

When Jim took off for home and Sharon left to go give a private dog training lesson—our dogs were so happy and Annie has improved so much, she is starting to become one super cool dog, so I want to thank them for all of their good work. We thank you and love y'all!

After lunch the dogs started barking outside to let us know that someone was coming in, even though we already knew it was Gus, our beautiful black Labrador, being returned to us, so T. went outside to take care of it.

Twenty minutes later Tone walked back inside the trailer and said, "Nance, you should have seen it. Gus could not wait to get back in the pen and be reunited with Lois Lane. The minute I took him inside the pen Lois and him kissed each other and then they started playing. They are so happy to be back together. I hate to say it, but I am glad that Gus is back."

Around three thirty the dogs once again began barking outside to let us know that someone else was coming in, even though we already knew it was our good friend Harley Belew and his son Micah, coming out to help me with my Yeti microphone and to give me some tips on recording my audio book.

As soon as they got out of Harley's green truck we went into Outer Space and had a really fun visit with them, because Harley is so funny and he had us laughing from the git-go with his hilarious stories.

When my back started hurting from laughing so much we left Outer Space and went into my writing cabin aka now newly named—No Budget Recording Studio. After Harley sat down at my desk and began examining my THX Yeti microphone, that was hooked up to my laptop, I told him about the funny, practice recording session of me reading, "Flour Power" with my work-for-no-pay sound engineers, Ben and Tony. Then he put the headphones on and listened to it and laughed out loud.

"Nancy, it sounded good and I liked it to," Harley said. "The sound quality is very good and I think having the sound effects make for a more interesting audio book. And talk the way you talk with your accent, because it makes it more interesting to listen to,  and..." After hearing Harley's compliments and helpful recording tips—I was excited, because my confidence had returned about my ability to record an audio book, because Harley knows the radio business inside and out and he is the best at his craft. He owns two very popular radio stations and is Kerrville's favorite on air talk host.

After we shut down my recording equipment we decided to take up Kinky's offer to come visit him, so I suggested that we ride over to the Lodge and let Micah drive Kermit.  Harley's thirteen-year-old son was more than thrilled when Harley gave him permission to drive us, so we took off.

We had a fun visit with Kinky, as we sat outside, around the picnic table, as Harley and Kinky talked about Hank Williams, Sr. and shared stories about their famous musician friends, and then Kinky told us about the squirrel that had gotten inside the Lodge this morning and created havoc and we couldn't quit laughing.

Then Kinky invited us to go on a short hike with him and The Friedmans around the ranch and we took him up on that, too. And I am proud to announce that I didn't see one single snake or trip and fall down. After we returned safely back to the Lodge we adios-ed him and Micah drove us safely back over the river and through the woods to the rescue ranch.

Y'all have a great evening!

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