Thursday, April 7, 2011

Godspeed, Lindy Padgett! You Were Loved By Many!

This morning, right after I did The Harley Show, my dear friend Maribeth Couch called me from Utopia and I knew before she said a word that our dear friend Lindy Padgett had finally lost her long battle to cancer. "Nancy, Lindy passed away yesterday and..."

My heart hurts tonight because I loved Lindy so much as did Tony, Maribeth and everyone that had the honor to have known her. She was the very first friend that I had when I moved to Utopia when I moved there in 1995. She was a very spiritual person and she had the greatest sense of humor, but I had to take Lindy in small doses to protect my health, because she always made me laugh so much—my back would ache for days after seeing her, because she was so upbeat and funny. 

I will miss Lindy until the day I step on my own rainbow and I am grateful that I was so lucky to have been touched by this angel.  Godspeed, Lindy, I will never forget you and the many fun times that we shared while riding your horses and the laughs at the Lost Maples Cafe and over at my mini ranch. You'll be missed and thank you for being my dear friend. Love Always, Nancy

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