Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Love The East Kerr 4-H Club! They're The Best!

Today has been really great. This morning at ten o'clock the members of the East Kerr County 4-H club came out, so they could do some volunteer work and to give us $343.50, the money that they had collected last Saturday, at their Bake Sale, at the Plant Haus! And, I couldn't quit thanking them for helping out our rescue ranch, again and telling them what mighty, fine people they were.

Then we went to Fred's and Betty's pen, so the kids could play with them and I am not sure who enjoyed it more, the kids or the pups or me. Here they are with Betty Rubble.

After the pups had tired from all of the attention and affection they were getting, we went to see the two new dogs that we rescued yesterday. As a sweet, little girl played with them, she told me that yesterday she had watched the first season of Gilligan's Island and loved that show, so we discussed the show and then she told me that she loved Golden Girls also.

"I love the Golden Girls, too" I said. Then I changed the subject. "We have not named these dogs yet, so why don't y'all help me name them?" 

In seconds the cute, ten-year-old girl says, "How about Gilligan and Mary-Ann?"

"I love it. It's perfect. We'll call them Gilligan and Mary-Ann. Thank you for helping me..." Here she is with Mary-Ann.

Next they picked up rocks, so our riding lawn mowers won't fling rocks into the dog pens when we have to start mowing again. By the time they finished—they had filled up our yellow wheelbarrow. 

After that the kids visited with our pigs and after hearing Belle Starr-Simon's story, I invited them to come into our yard and play with her and Belle stole their hearts. Before these great super kids left to go home, I thanked them for their good work and then said, "Y'all are the best people and I am so impressed with y'all. I hope that you'll come back, because our gate will always be open for you." And I meant it.

At two o'clock today, we adopted out Dottie West to some very nice people, who live in Bandera. They had called earlier in the morning to ask me about Dottie West, because they wanted to get a companion for their sweet, little ten-year-old dog, who looked a lot like Dottie and was about the same size as she. After we introduced their dog to Dottie—it was love at first sight for them, so here is picture I took of Dottie West with her new forever family, minus their dog, because he was already in the car waiting for them. 

Before the nice couple drove away, with D.W. in the backseat kissing on their dog, they told me that they want to volunteer and come out soon to walk our dogs. And now you know why my day was great.

Y'all have a great evening!

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