Thursday, April 28, 2011

Off Broadway! or Get Down!

This morning, around eight o'clock, Kinky called me from the Kansas City, Missouri Airport and he told me that he had a blast last night performing at Knuckleheads. He told me that it was sold out with standing room only and he loved the crowd and the many people that he met, especially Tom & Kay and their daughter. Hearing his good news made my day.

Tonight Kinky is in Little Rock, Arkansas and he will be performing at "Juanita's" and I bet that it will sell out, too. Then tomorrow morning he is off to St. Louis, Missouri to perform at "Off Broadway" tomorrow night and like I told him this morning before hanging up, "Have fun and break-a-leg!"And I heard him chuckling, as he turned off his cell phone and ended our conversation.

Today has been a quiet day with not much happening. Early this evening Belle Starr-Simons and I went into Outer Space, so I could teach her how to get "down" on command and she did really good. I used treats to reinforce her "downs" and I think she's almost got it. Then I ended her training session on a good note with her getting down for Tony and us praising her.

Tomorrow I plan to use treats again, but on Saturday I plan to start using the tasty treats sporadically and I hope that it works because she is one smart pup. Also, tomorrow afternoon, while Kinky is flying to St. Louis,  Eileen is coming out and she is going to give Ms. B.S.-S. a fun doggy IQ test and we can't wait!

Y'all have a great evening!

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