Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today has been great, as they almost always are for me. This morning when I checked my e-mail, Eileen's hilarious note to me about spotting "the alien" in Kerrtown, who landed out here two Saturdays ago, during a full moon, while I was showing Jim and Sean our dogs—made me laugh out loud.

In Eileen's report—she noted that "the alien" has cut off a few inches of her unruly hair and was seen walking near Albertsons, and was busy arguing with her imaginary friend as she....  Thanks for the update and making me laugh, Eileen.

Today T. and I went to Kerrville to have lunch with Carla and Dan. Carla is a dear, old friend of mine, that I've known for over thirty years and dearly love, because she is so sweet and has a great sense of humor.

Last week when she called me from her home in Rock Springs, about a dog, we decided to try to meet in Kerrville soon, so we could catch up with each other's news, because it has been over four years since we last saw her and her two beautiful daughters, when they came out to see us.

Lunch was a total blast and full of non-stop laughter, even though I talked way too much, as I always seem to do! Carla and I laughed so much as we traded stories about our pasts, that my back began aching, so tonight I am sitting on Mari's pink sheepskin for relief, as I write this.

Tony and I really liked Dan, too. We found him to be a very interesting, nice man—even though he only got to talk when I was chewing my food and of course—Tone said nothing, because he wasn't fast enough to get a word in edgewise—between the three of us and we teased him about it.

When the friendly waiter started removing Carla's, Dan's and Tony's empty plates, I noticed that my plate was still over halfway full of now-not-so-hot Mexican food and that's when I realized that I truly am "Cousin Nancy Parker-Simons Motor Mouth." Sorry about that Carla, Dan and Tone.

I had so much fun at lunch with them—I didn't want it to end, but it did. But before Carla and Dan took off for Walmart and Lowe's, before heading back to Rock Springs, we agreed to get together more often and meet for lunch whenever they come to Kerrville for supplies, and T. and I can't wait until we get to see them again.

Y'all have a great evening!

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