Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today has been great. Ms. B.S.-S. is fully recovered from her surgery and she is now back to being her cute, young self. This morning Kinky took off for the airport to catch a plane to Kansas City, Missouri, because tomorrow evening he will be performing at "Knuckleheads" and I wish that I could be there, but as y'all well-know—I don't travel.

I spent most of my morning returning phone calls, e-mails and doing paperwork. My dear friend, Mari, of The NoMads, sent me an e-mail to tell me that she made the Quick Chicken-Noodle Soup, on page 23, and David and her loved it, but she warned me to go easy on the egg noodles, because the directions weren't clear and she used the entire 8oz. package of egg noodles instead of only half of it. So, I shot her back an e and thanked her for the heads-up. Then I went to page 23 and made a grocery list of the needed ingredients.

This afternoon T. and I had to go to Kerrville to run a few errands. Our first stop was at Wolfmueller's Books, because we wanted to say hi to Sandy and Jon, and also because I needed to get the Quick Chicken-Noodle Soup recipe ingredients, because I had forgotten to bring my grocery list.

Jon greeted us, from behind the checkout counter, when we walked into the bookstore. After howdies, Jon told us that Sandy was out buying rare books, as a friendly customer, from Alabama, paid him for a pile of books. As soon as the woman left the building I joked, "I love it, Jon. You're in here selling books as fast as Sandy is out there buying them up." Jon laughed, as another happy customer paid him for her books.

When Jon went to help a customer, I headed for the cookbook section to find a copy of the Easy Soup Recipes. When Jon walked up I was still searching for the cookbook. After I told him about Mari trying the Quick Chicken-Noodle Soup recipe and loving it and me needing to write down the ingredients—he put his hand on the cookbook and handed it to me. "Sandy and I tried that recipe, too and we really liked it, too, but be careful not to add too many noodles, because..." I burst out laughing and then I told him that Mari had also warned me about the noodles, too.

When I started to copy down the required ingredients Jon offered to make a copy of it for me, since I owned the cookbook, and then he went back into his office and seconds later he handed me a copy. Thank you, Jon!

Tony and I visited with Jon a little longer, but when my back started aching, because of laughing so much—we adios-ed him and then took off to run our errands. 

Our last stop was at H-E-B and as we pulled into the parking lot we saw Matt, so Tony drove up to him and I jumped out of Trigger and gave him a big hug. "We're sorry, about not getting to have dinner with you and your parents. Did you have a nice birthday?" Then someone tooted their horn behind us, so Matt jumped into Trigger and they took off for the gas pumps, so T. could fill up Trigger, while I went inside to pick up the soup ingredients.

Fifteen minutes later, Matt and Tony loaded up the groceries and then we visited with Matt, before dropping him off at Hastings and then we came home.

After returning a few phone calls, I pulled out a big pot and made the Quick Chicken-Noodle Soup and was careful to only add half of the egg noodles package and we loved it. Thank you, Mari and Jon for warning me about only using half of the 8oz. package of noodles! The next time that I make it I am thinking about adding a little garlic, onion, and a few peas and calling it, "Cousin Nancy's Stolen Cock-A-Noodle-Do-Make-It-Soup!"

Tonight, I plan to spend the rest of the evening doing some writing.

P.S. Mari, I wrote this tonight sitting on my pink sheepskin that you gave to me and my back is no longer aching from laughing so much, earlier today! Thank you. I love it and it really does work!

Y'all have a great evening!

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