Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Love Cactus!

Tonight instead of starting out my post as I usually do about my day, I decided for a change, to start it out like this—even though today has been great.

This afternoon Tony and I took off in Buttermilk with Enzo Swift, sitting in the backseat, to Hoegemeyers to get him a check up, his shots and to be neutered and on our way to Kerrtown I said to Enzo, "Don't be worried Enzo. Everything is okay. We are just taking you in to the doctor and we will pick you up tomorrow and bring you back home." Then T. starts laughing. "What's so funny?"

"Enzo, everything is going to be fine, good buddy, like Nance said," Tone said, as Enzo leaned forward from the backseat and licked my face, "but remember to blame her not me." Then he starts laughing again.

"Tony, that's not fair."

"I know, and that's why the dogs trust me. They think that I'm the good guy and you're Nancy Nurse, the bad one, who gets them neutered and spayed." I couldn't help but chuckle even though it wasn't fair.

After we dropped a nervous Mr. Swift off at Hoegemeyer's Animal Clinic we went to Wolfmueller's Books to say hi to Sandy and Jon. After howdies and hugs we started visiting and were talking about Kent & Ruthie's fun visit yesterday and then I asked them to please order two more copies of the book, The Art of Racing In The Rain for me and then Kinky strolls into their bookstore and then we started talking about how much we loved Garth Stein's book, as Jon hands Kinky two copies of The Art of Racing In The Rain that Kinky had ordered from them, so he could give them to his friends.

Ten minutes later, we invited Sandy and Jon to join us for lunch across the street, but they declined because they had already eaten. Then the three of us left the building and walked across the street. Right after we placed our orders Sandy walks into the restaurant and joins us, "I'll just have tea," she told the friendly waitress.

During our meal we talked about books, Kinky's upcoming East Coast and Australia tours, Sandy's new iPad-2, the weather and eating healthier. "I love cactus, but I have never eaten one," I confessed. "I've heard that they are real good for you..."

"Nancy, I have the best Nopalitos salad recipe that I need to give to you," Sandy said. "You'll love it and it's real easy to prepare!" Needless to say my eyes lit up—another recipe that I can steal! "It uses black beans, which I love, nopalitos, cilantro, red onion and I can't remember the rest of it, so I will call you tonight and give you the recipe. I was more than thrilled, as Kinky, Tony and I ate our lunch and Sandy drank her iced tea.

When we were done eating, after Tony had promised Kinky to give him an early wake up call in the morning, we crossed the street and went back to Wolfmueller's Books and visited a little longer with Jon and Sandy and then we headed home.

Early this evening Sandy called me and gave me her delicious, secret cactus salad recipe and I must confess that I have stolen it and have already renamed it, Cousin Nancy's Desert Salad and I plan to make it tomorrow for our dinner. Thank you, Sandy. Your secret is safe with me.

P.S. This morning when I was over at the Lodge I told Kinky about Gonzo and Ziggy going to be adopted today and about us rescuing Chloe and then Sebastian, who I had renamed Enzo Swift—thanks to Eileen's suggestion—he was thrilled—especially about the name change. Enzo Rules!

Y'all  have a great evening!

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Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, please don't forget to post your honest opinion about nopalitos after you have made and tried "your" new secret recipe. I know Sandy only has great recipes to share, but that one ingredient in this one has me shuddering! My grandfather fixed nopalitos with scrambled eggs and I couldn't even stay in the house while he cooked them!

Gotta say that I prefer my prickly pear in the form of cactus jelly and I even love making it!

I'll be watching your blog for the results of your cactus 'taste test' as you are truly going where "I" have never been before!