Friday, April 8, 2011

What In The World!

Today has been great. This morning Eileen, our great dog-walking volunteer and my good friend, came out to walk our dogs, while I was inside the trailer, walking with Leslie Sansone. When I was done with my exercise video I went outside to find Eileen, so I could thank her for coming out today and to also catch up with her latest news. And to say the least, I had a blast visiting with her.

When Eileen was fixin' to leave, we saw Sharon Griswold, the talented dog whisperer and the owner of "Rover Misbehaving?" walking towards us with Annie Oakley. After I thanked Sharon for coming out to work with Annie, the three of us had a fun, but short visit, before I had to leave, so I could return an urgent phone call. So, tonight I want to thank Eileen and Sharon for all that they do for our dogs.

Last week, with the help of Kinky's good friend Kent, he finally sold his pool table that he longer wanted or used. And the cool part is—he told the buyer to make the check payable to our rescue ranch! Thank you very much, Kinky! We love you!

So this afternoon Tony and I went over to the Lodge, so T. and Frank could help Monk and Lynn, from Comanche, Texas, a very interesting and super, cool couple, disassemble their newly purchased "Kinky" pool table and take it home with them. Even though it took a couple of hours to take it apart, a fun time was had by all as we traded funny stories with non-stop laughing, so as you can guess—my back is aching a little bit tonight, but it was well worth it.

Around five-thirty, after Kinky had autographed the loaded and tied down, "Kinky" pool table, in the back of Monk's and Lynn's Ford F-150 pickup, he suggested that we extend our fun and go to Kerrville to eat dinner.

Forty minutes later Tony and I arrived at the restaurant. Five minutes later Kinky and Frank arrived and one minute later Lynn and Monk walked inside the eating establishment and the fun immediately continued, as Monk and Kinky started trading some hilarious stories about their life on the road as musicians and their famous musician friends.

I laughed so much, as did everyone else at our table, that people in the restaurant were staring at us, wondering what in the world was so funny. After dinner we went outside to the parking lot and an hour later we bid our new found-fun-friends goodbye, knowing that we would be seeing them soon!

Please note that our rescue ranch will be closing early tomorrow at noon instead of three o'clock as usual, because Tone and I are going to Lindy's memorial service in Utopia.

Y'all have a great evening!

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