Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not Thrilled At All!

Today has been great. This morning when I did "The Harley Show" Dottie West was the Harley Pet Of The Week and I hope that she gets adopted real soon. After the Utopia segment ended he and I talked off-air and that is when I asked him if he could help me set up my recording equipment properly and he said, "Yes. Sure. I would love to help you with it. How about I come out tomorrow afternoon and take a look at it?" I can't wait to see Harley tomorrow so he can help set up the microphone and give me some much needed "how to record myself" tips.

This morning around nine o'clock, our good friend and neighbor, Sherry, drove over to the Lodge, to rescue three baby, one-week-old bunnies for us, that Kinky had found in his front yard yesterday. When it comes to rescuing wildlife Sherry is the best at nurturing "lost fawns," and all kinds of other wildlife, back to health before she releases them back into the wild.

After Sherry picked up the cute, little bunnies from the small nest and had wrapped them up in a blue bath towel, she told us that she had recently found and rescued Bubba, a baby squirrel, that she was going to put the bunnies with and then she pulled a small crate out of her car's backseat and put the baby bunnies inside it. Then Sherry takes out Bubba, the tiniest and the cutest, little squirrel out of the crate to show him to us. And needless to say, Bubba instantly stole all of our hearts. He was absolutely adorable.

Before Sherry left to take the critters home, so she could bottle feed the bunnies and the squirrel we thanked her for helping us out once again and then I said, "Sherry, please feel free to name the bunnies Kinky, Tony and Nancy."

"How about what Tony named those three puppies—Fred, Wilma and Betty?" Kinky suggested and we all laughed.

I am dedicating tonight's blog to my dear friend 'Erb (Herb) Cares, because he is about as scared of snakes, scorpions and unfriendly spiders that bite you in the night, as I am, because late this afternoon Tone walked inside the trailer and calmly announced, "Nance, I just saw a giant rattler go under the barn next to the trailer. You need to be careful outside now, because the snakes have started~~~ moving early this year. It's one of the biggest ones that I have ever seen. Do you want to go look at it?"

As you can guess, cold chills instantly ran up my spine, because I was not thrilled-at-all to hear Tony's news about the gigantic rattlesnake, now waiting outside, under the barn, to scare me to death, so my response to T. was short and simple, "Nope."

Before I finish writing tonight, I want to thank our great friend Sherry, over at the ranch next door, for helping us out by taking the baby bunnies home with her. You're the best, Sherry!

Y'all have a great evening and watch out for snakes, because they are ~~~~~~~!

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'Erb Cares said...

I have to put that in my calendar---"Do not visit the Ranch after St Patrick's day---that's when the snakes wake up." As a City Slicker, I wouldn't know for sure but it sounds like your rodent problems are over for a while. Me? you bet---I'll take the mice any day!