Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Spring Break!

Yesterday, I officially took the day off for my Spring Break, after I prepared Gus' adoption papers, so Tony could adopt him out to our friend, Sam, while I was gone.

Around ten o'clock I climbed into Trigger to go meet my sister and her husband in Fredericksburg for lunch, a visit and to show them my new teeth, because I haven't seen them since October when I got my dental work done. "Nance, I plugged in Garmina, so you won't get lost. Have a great time. I love you," T. said. "And please call me when you leave Fredericksburg, so I won't worry about you."

An hour later I met up with them, in the Fredericksburg's Walmart parking lot, and our fun day began. After howdies and hugs, I grinned and showed them my "new grill" and they were full of compliments about them, then we took off for Enchanted Rock, but it was so crowed with Spring Breakers, we went back to Fredville and ate a delicious lunch instead. After that we walked the crowded streets and had a great visit.

When Trigger and I returned home around five o'clock, Tony told me all about Gus' adoption and then we went to Medina to go watch our nephew's baseball practice. But when we got to Medina we made a quick stop at the new pizza parlor in town, Papa Don's Pizza & Hot Wings, so I could give Kevin, the owner, the pizza box that Kinky had signed, along with some pictures of Kinky signing the box and Kevin and his wife were thrilled. Then we went to the baseball field and had a fun visit with Sam & Stacie, as we watched their son practice with his teammates.

When we got back home I started tinkering with my new Yeti microphone, trying to make it, make me not sound like Gabby Hayes on helium, when I start working on my audiobook tomorrow, but because it is a high quality mic—it made me sound exactly like Gabby. And, that is why I did not blog last night, because I was semi-depressed about sounding so much like Gabby. And now, I am scared-to-death that everyone will laugh out loud, the second they hear me reading my book to them.

This morning while Tony ate his breakfast and I drank a smoothie, I played him a short "testing" of me reading my book and I started laughing, as I watched him trying not to laugh. "Tony, I know I sound  just like Gabby. I can't help it," I said, still trying to be optimistic about my project. "Who knows, Tone? Maybe it will be a best seller, because it is so funny, because of me reading it out loud." And that is when T. quickly got up from the kitchen table and grabbed a red dish towel to keep the 2% milk from coming out of his nose.

"Who knows?" Tony said, as he wiped away the milk on his nose, while trying not to laugh. "You don't sound that bad, Nance." And then we burst out laughing again, when I pushed the "play" button on the recorder and heard me reading my book.

Today has been quiet, so I spent most of my day today out in my writing cabin aka Cousin Nancy's Recording Studio, trying to record the Table of Contents, which I did a good job of, but is pretty funny to listen to.

Because of the Full Moon tonight, while T. and I were out in Outer Space for Happy Hour, I made a decision and told T. about it. "Tony, I want to go with you to the Old Timer tomorrow morning, so I can meet all of your friends. Would that be okay with you?"

"I would love it, Nance! What time do you want me to wake you up?"

Y'all have a great evening!

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