Thursday, March 3, 2011

As Fast As I Could!

Today has been a great day, but there's nothing much to write about, because it was quiet and peaceful.

I spent this morning taking care of business and doing a lot of paperwork. Around ten o'clock Kinky called and invited me to come over to the Lodge for a visit, so I grabbed my Apple laptop, jumped into Trigger and took off.

"Kinky, I want to show you the video I made of Belle Starr and Harry Reasoner playing together," I said, and then I showed Kink the video, that YouTube wouldn't accept because of copyright reason, which I totally understand, with Dean Martin singing "Just In Time" in the background. And it made Kinky smile. Then we went outside and sat in his rocking chairs, on the porch, as we visited with The Friedmans and talked about yesterdays great Texas Monthly photo shoot with him.

After laughing at Sophie playing with her stuffed duck toy I said, "Oh, Happy Anniversay, Kinky."


"Nine years ago today is when Tony and I moved our trailer over to Echo Hill. Can you believe that it has been that long?"

"No. Remember that cold front that blew in that night?"

"Yes. And remember Lucky and Minnie Pearl riding over, in our bedroom closet, of the our trailer..."

This afternoon at one -fifteen, we met Kinky and Frank for lunch in Kerrville and I really enjoyed the conversation as well as the food. We talked about the Grant / Mark Twain book that I had loaned to him, that he was enjoying and Charlie Sheen, our books, etc. And it was really fun.

About twenty minutes later, I looked across the table at Tony's plate and saw it was empty. "Good grief, T.! I can't believe you ate so fast. I'm not even half done." Tony looked at my plate and shot me a wink.

"I didn't eat fast, Nance. It's because you are a motor-mouth and never stop talking," Tone joked, as Kinky and Frank started laughing. Then I looked at Frank's and Kinky's plates and they were empty, too. Then I started laughing with them.

Then Kinky smiles and says, "It's Nancy Motor-Mouth Parker-Simons." And we all started laughing again.

"No, Kink," I said. " It's—Cousin Nancy Motor-Mouth Parker-Simons." And they burst out laughing, as they nodded their heads in agreement, and I started eating as fast as I could.

After our fun lunch we headed home and just to get even with Tone's funny remark about me being a motor-mouth, which I know is absolutely true, so I decided to play a joke on Tony and give him the "silent treatment" as he kept trying to make me talk to him. "Nancy, you know I was kidding. Please talk to me. You're driving me crazy."

I gave him the "sound-of-silence treatment" for several more seconds, and I was loving it, and then I finally said, trying not to laugh, "I can't Tony. You said I'm a motor-mouth. My lips are sealed and I am never going to say another word. I promise."

"Nance! I'm sorry. I was just kidding. Please talk to me. You're not a motor-mouth..."

"Okay," I said, as we passed by the Mini-Mart on the right. And I talked non-stop the rest of the way home.

Y'all have a great evening!

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