Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life Is A Ball!

Today was not so good, but it turned out okay. This morning I was fine until Tony came home from the Old Timer, because that is when I called Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic to check on Little Ann, the mama of her cute, little pup that we named Belle Starr.

After greetings, Dr. Craig Janssen told me that he needed to talk with me about Little Ann, because she was very sick. He told me about Little Ann's condition and I teared up. He said she was dehydrated, extremely anemic, her stomach had twisted, her kidneys were shutting down and she had a bad case of heart worms. "I've already started treating her, but it's not good, because....Nancy, she is in such bad shape I know she isn't going to make it. I really think we should put her out of her pain as soon as possible." And, I sadly agreed with him.

When I hung up the phone I burst into tears, even though I knew it was best for Little Ann not to suffer, but I felt like I had betrayed her, because when we unloaded Little Ann and her precious puppy at Hoegemeyers, I told them as we walked inside, "Don't worry, girls. You're just getting checkups and shots and we will pick you up tomorrow. Everything is going to be okay..." And, I feel like I lied to them and deceived them.

After I told Tony and Kinky about Little Ann, they were sad, too and they tried to cheer me up. "I just need to be alone and cry about this," I said. "I'll be okay." Well, that turned out to be another lie, because I cried the entire time that I tried to do my paperwork and take care of business.

Later this afternoon we took off in Trigger to fetch Belle Starr and bring her home. After Susan, their sweet office manager, told us they had wormed Belle, given her a bath and her first puppy shot they brought the newly orphaned pup into the lobby and handed her to Tony. And she looked precious. In fact everyone in the lobby told us that she was adorable and way too cute.

I held Belle in my arms and kissed her, as Tone drove us home. "Tony, why don't we put her and Harry Reasoner together and see if they get along?"

"I was thinking the exact same thing. Harry is so sweet. I bet it will work."

When we arrived at the ranch Tony stopped Trigger by Harry's pen. "Nance, take her inside her and Little Ann's pen and I'll get Harry." When T. walked inside Belle's pen holding Harry, both of their tails were wagging wildly, so we let them sniff each other before letting them down on the ground and it was love at first sight! As we watched them run around the pen and play together, we started laughing at them and then we took out our cameras.

Tonight in loving memory of Little Ann, a great dog who I loved, I put together a cute, short two minute video, of Belle and Harry Reasoner, two of the sweetest dogs that were rescued from the streets of Kerrville and San Antonio, by caring people, playing together for the very first time and I have titled it Life Is A Ball! I hope that you will enjoy it and that it will make you smile as it has me.

Bless Little Ann, who I hope is now in a better place. Rest in Peace Little Ann. You were a great dog and I promise you that we will find Belle a great home.

Y'all have a great evening!

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Fay said...

Nancy, I am so sorry to hear about Little Ann. To read about all of her health troubles and see how well she cared for her wee baby, she was a really special dog.