Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gerri Saves The Day!

Yesterday was another great day. When Tony came home from the Old Timer he said, "Charlie and Ellen are back from New Mexico. He was at the Old Timer this morning and he told me they had a fun time out there and look what they bought back for us, Nance!"

I was as thrilled as T., because it is our favorite jam in the whole wide world. While I was making breakfast the phone rang—it was Ellen Cooper. After I thanked her and Charlie for the delicious, made in Northern New Mexico jam, I told her that it was our favorite jam. "Last year, after Cindy moved out to New Mexico, she sent us a jar of this stuff and we have been hooked-on-it ever since."

"I know," Ellen said. "When we went to the Alpaca farm store, I saw it and remembered you telling us about it, so we brought y'all back a jar..."

After lunch Buttermilk took Tony, Mama and me to Hoegemeyer's, so we could get Mama groomed, because she still smelled of skunk. Here is a "before with fur" picture I took of Mama riding in the rear seat.

After we dropped Mama off at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, to get an early summer cut, we headed home and that is when Tone "dropped the bomb on me. "Well, tomorrow is our anniversary, Nance. I just remembered it and I forgot to get you anything. I'm sorry. Did you forget, too?"

Thinking fast, I remembered the "secret framed poster" that I had asked my dear friend Gerri Dickerson to make for Tony, of his first magazine cover for "Texas Animal Imprints," that she was going to deliver today and surprise him with it, so I lied. "No, Tone. I didn't forget our anniversary. Don't worry about it. I think that you are going to love what I got you." The rest of the way home T. tried to get me to tell him what it was, but my lips were sealed, because I was praying that Gerri would not cancel.

Around five o'clock Frank came over for a visit, while Tony was outside playing with his dog Belle Starr-Simons, in our front yard, so I went outside to play with Belle and to say hi to Frank. When Belle tired of playing we all went into Outer Space to enjoy the spectacular sunset, while listening to my favorite songs play on my iPod. Here is a cute picture that I took of Belle, sleeping like a log, in Outer Space.

Today has been great—thanks to our great friends Harley Belew, at the Rose 99.9, and talented graphic artist, Gerri and The Dunns! This morning when I did "The Harley Show" we first talked about Fred Flintstone being his Pet Of The Week and then we started visiting. 

During our fun conversation, I told Harley about me putting Meanwhile Back At The Rescue Ranch up for sale, as an ebook, on Amazon, this past Saturday, and he thought that was really cool. "Cousin Nancy, I think you should teach a Club Ed class on how to self-publish a book and how to make an ebook. There are a lot of people who would love to self-publish a book and make ebooks, but they don't know how to do it and you do. And you're from the Kerrville area."

"That's a great idea, Harley! I'll call my good friend Phil Houseal, over at Club Ed, and discuss it with him. Thanks for the great idea." Near the end of our conversation I told Harley that today was Tony's and my twelve year wedding anniversary and we talked about that for a few minutes. And, at the end of my Utopia segment with Harley, sponsored by Randy's & Lisa's  Save Inn restaurant, Harley played the song, "A Crazy Little Thing About Love," in honor of our anniversary! Thank you, Harley! 

After I got off of the phone with Harley I checked my e-mail and I got the sweetest note from our best Arkansas friends, Jimmie and Nelda Dunn, wishing Tony and me a happy anniversary. Thank you, for making me smile Nelda and Jimmie—you're our favorite friends from Arkansas and we love y'all. 

Ten minutes before Gerri was to arrive at eleven-ish, I went outside and found Tony and asked him, "Tone, Gerri is fixin' to be here in just a few minutes and I need for you to come up to the trailer, so you can help carry her computer and stuff inside. Okay?"

"Okay, but what kind of stuff are you talking about?" Tony asked. So I lied to him, again.

"I'm not sure, but she told me it was heavy and that she would need your help." A few minutes later we jumped into Kermit and he took us up to the trailer. 

When Gerri arrived Tony went outside to help her carry her laptop and her big sack of stuff inside. After howdies and hugs, Gerri handed me her sack of stuff. "Happy Anniversary, Tony!" I said, as I pulled his beautifully framed poster, that Gerri had made and framed for me, out of the bag and then I quickly hung it on a wall in the big room. Needless to say—it was absolutely beautiful and Tony was happily surprised and he loved it, too! And that is when I confessed to Tone, that Gerri and I had been secretly working on this project for over a week and that I had forgotten about our anniversary, too, but had lucked out, because Gerri had delivered it today.

After a few laughs about Gerri saving the day for me, and me "pulling the wool" over Tony's eyes, T. hung up my poster, above the entertainment center, of my first book, The Road to Utopia: How Kinky, Tony & I Saved More Animals Than Noah. Here is a picture of it, hanging on the same wall, with Gerri's framed poster of my second book below and to the left, that I hung up a few weeks ago. Thank you, Gerri!

When Tony went outside to return to his chores, Gerri opened up her laptop and showed me her brand new, never been seen before, beautiful blog, that she has been working on and was now ready to launch.  "OMG, Gerri, your blog looks beautiful! I love it. You did a really great job with it."

"Thanks, Nancy. That means a lot to me. I think that I am ready to launch it, but I would love for you to look at it first and read it and tell me what you think about it, before I launch it to the world." 

I sat down at the kitchen table and started reading one of the best blogs, Focused Nomad, Photos - Stories, that I have ever read. When I was done, I told Gerri, "I love your blog. It is absolutely beautiful and it has super good vibes and makes you feel good. I love your graphics, too. It is ready to launch."

Today, at three forty-eight, Gerri launched her new blog, as we arrived back at the rescue ranch with Mama. Here is a picture of Mama in the backseat with her new doo.

Tony and I had the best wedding anniversary thanks to all of our great friends and we want to thank all of you for making it great. I hope that all of y'all will check out Gerri's beautiful blog Focused Nomad of photo and stories and make a comment welcoming her into the wide world of blogosphere.

Y'all have a great evening! And, Happy Anniversary, Tony! I love you! 

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