Friday, March 11, 2011

Fourteen Hours!

Today has been another great day. This morning our super volunteers / friends; Eileen, Lisa, June and Jim, came out to walk our dogs and we loved it as much as our dogs did. During a walking-break, I showed off the Space Ship to them and then we went inside the trailer, to watch a short video that Eileen wanted to show us, about her and Lisa's Master Naturalist class, that they took last Fall, to become Certified Master Naturalists and it was fun to watch and the photography was beautiful. And Tony's dog—Belle Starr-Simons played nonstop in the big room, during the entire video.

Before they left to go walk more dogs, I showed them the sweet letter and cute pictures of Lucy and Ashley Judd, that Alice and Boyd from Ft. Worth, adopted on February 24th. In Alice's humorous letter she wrote that the dogs were doing great up there and they loved them. She also wrote that Ashley Judd's new record for being a couch potato—was fourteen hours without ever leaving the couch, and she sent this hilarious picture of Ashley, relaxing on the couch to prove it, which made all of us laugh.

Y'all have a great evening!

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Carol Vail said...

I;m so happy for Ashley! She's such a sweet girl and she deserves the best. Looks like that's what she got!