Monday, February 28, 2011

Hey Dude!

Today has been a great day. This morning we took Little Ann and her cute little five-week-old puppy, Belle Starr, to Hoegemeyers to get their checkups.

Then we went to H-E-B to get groceries and we ran into our friends, Gerri and Don and had a fun visit with them over by the egg section. Then we came home.

After we put up our groceries and I returned some phone calls, I went into Outer Space and took pictures of my flowers and plants, so I would remember where to place them, when we returned them back outside after tonight's predicted light freeze.

Late this afternoon we went over to see Carol & James and to meet Carol's new super, cutting horse, Dude. When we arrived James, Carol and Dude walked up to greet us. "Carol! Dude is absolutely beautiful," I said. "I love his size and markings." And Tony agreed with me.

"I know," Carol said. "I love this horse. He is so well-mannered and fun to ride and..." After Carol and James took turns telling us all about Dude—we were so impressed, because Dude has won many cutting horse competitions and is from good stock, too. "You're going to love riding him," Carol said, "but first he needs to settle in here with our other horses and..." Tony took these two pictures of Carol and Dude and Dude neighing at their horses, before we went inside and had a fun visit and caught up with each others news.

Y'all have a great evening!

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