Thursday, February 4, 2016

Site Unseen!

Today was almost great. This afternoon after doing some paperwork I decided to check my e-mail, but Yahoo had a problem. It didn't recognize my device which is the device I've always used and it asked me to prove who I am. For the past week this has happened often.

Basically, I tell it to call me and the phone will ring instantly ring and a robot gives me a code to verify I am who I am. It's simple. Right?

Well it was until today, because it always calls me, but nope not today. I've tried several times and each time when it "calls me" our phone doesn't ring, so I can't type in the code to get to my mail. I am frustrated with this, because I can't check my e-mail, because I am expecting an important e-mail, from a foundation, that I must respond to."

So I have decided that this weekend I plan to close my Yahoo accounts "site unseen." So, if any of you have sent me an e-mail after noon today, I can't respond.

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