Thursday, February 25, 2016

Scout Is Coming Out!

Yesterday was uneventful even though we are in F.M.T. (Full Moon Time) again. And the reason that I didn't write anything last night was because we spent the entire day mowing and weed-eating. I push-mowed ten dog pens, two alleys and our backyard and Tony mowed our front yard, the pink cabin's front yard and then he spent the rest of his time weed-eating, because our weed-eater is too big and weighs too much for me to handle.

When we finished up yesterday evening both of our backs were aching and I was just too tired to write anything about my day, because in my opinion, mowing and weed-eating isn't all that interesting.

Today has been great, because this morning I only mowed one alley, because we had to take off, for Kerrville, to run a few errands. Our first stop was at Wild Birds Unlimited, so Tony could buy some more birdseed. While we were at this super, good-vibes store we had a fun visit with Marguerite and Kevin.

And before we adios-ed our good friends to go run some more errands, Marguerite and I made an official play-date,  scheduled for tomorrow morning, so she can bring her Scout out to play with our Henry Standing Bear, because both of our puppies are so full of energy.

I know that Henry will have a blast playing with Scout, because Roy, Belle, Beau, Little Debbie and Big Al(ice) don't like to play with Henry very long, because he can be a little too rambunctious with them and he still doesn't realize that it hurts when he bites them with his super-sharp puppy teeth.

Anyway, it will be good for Henry to socialize with someone outside his family and so close to his own age and it will be good for Tony and me to socialize with someone close to our own age, too. And the best part is that Marguerite is so sweet—we know that she doesn't bite anyone.

So tomorrow morning is going to be a lot of fun, because Marguerite and Scout will be here, along with our many dear friends/volunteers. And I am hoping that Marguerite and I will have enough time to get to take Henry and Scout for a stroll, down to the creek, so our pups can play in the cool, clear water. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!


Fay said...

Sounds like so much fun! Miss Moneypenny is the same with Ranger and Wee Lassie, she has boundless energy and they just like to chill after a few minutes play. Poor Ranger, he seems to get the worst of it as M jumps on him and bites him and pulls on his tail. I was so upset the other morning as M woke up and was vomiting, well, it was a FURBALL. From Ranger! LOL So she is actually a cat.
Have a great weekend to everyone in Utopia!
Fay & Clan xx

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! I wish that you and Miss Moneypenny could have joined us today. It was so much fun we plan to do it again soon and we are going to clicker-train Scout and Henry soon. Wish us luck and you and Ian have a great weekend, too.