Monday, April 13, 2015

We've Got Twins!

Yesterday was more than great. Sam Kindrick's Action Magazine's 40th Anniversary blowout celebration, at the Texas Pride BBQ, in Adkins, Texas was so much fun and the $8,300.00 raised, at the gate, that Kinky, Tony and I worked, at $10.00 per person tickets, was certainly a financial pleasure for our rescue ranch, too!

Texas Pride BBQ was one of the coolest places to be in Texas yesterday, to listen to the very best of Texas musicians. Tony, the nice Texas Pride BBQ owner and his super friendly, fun staff were so easy to work with, because they were so organized. It was obviously not their first rodeo dealing with a huge, friendly crowd. If you weren't up front dancing or inside eating tasty BBQ food, every bench and chair, in the super cool place, was occupied and it didn't seem to bother any of the many standing room only folks.

The huge crowd came out to celebrate this blowout event, to show their love, respect and appreciation for Sam Kindrick and his super popular Action magazine. He and his awesome magazine are considered legendary. And after I got to meet him, in person, I got to have a very fun visit with him and then I understood why everyone knows and loves Sam and Action magazine.

Our dear friend and popular radio host, Roy Holley and the great folks, that he works with, over at KKYX, were also at the event, because they love Sam and Action magazine, so much. In fact, for months in advance, they have been plugging this event non-stop to make sure that everyone knew about it so they wouldn't miss out on the fabulous music and fun. Here are a few pictures that Tony and I took during the celebration.

That's Tony, sitting down, on the bench, up front and to the right.

Our dear friends, Little Jewford, Sage & Dylan Ferrero and Jay & Sara Pennington also showed up to celebrate with everyone and they kept Kinky, Tony and me laughing non-stop. In fact, at one point, Jay asked his sweet wife to please shoot him and me. 

And this morning, after sleeping in, because we didn't get back home until after 10:30 last night, I discovered that Jay had doctored and then posted our picture, on his Facebook page, so I tagged it and put it on my Facebook page. I've titled Sara's pictures that she took of us We've Got Twins!

And he wrote under this picture: "The very sweet "Cousin" Nancy Parker-Simons who runs Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch - proceeds from Sam Kindrick's Action Mag 40th anniversary music event last Sunday will go to help Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch."

Well, I plan to spend the rest of this evening working on my third novella, because I am having a blast with it and that's about it for tonight. 

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

So you say that all seats were taken and it's a SRO crowd and then you shoot Tony all alone on a bench at a table with only HIM using it?

OMG! Was it something he said? ;)

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I am still laughing and I can't quit after reading what you wrote.Yes, I "shot" sweet Tony right before Kinky and I took off to go rest and relax, for a few minutes, inside Trigger, with air conditioning.

All of our "old" backs were killing us and "my dogs" were killing me, after standing there, for over 9 hours, on concrete. And that's why Tony was sitting there all alone drinking a cold beer.

It was an incredibly great all day concert/party. The musicians were totally fabulous and it was well worth it too, because it helped out our rescue ranch to keep on rolling on. I wish that you could have been there too, because you, like me, know just how special dogs truly are.