Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Dress!

Today has been great. For the record, please note that our wood floors, inside The Cabin, were spic and span, before the heavy thunderstorms and hail arrived this afternoon. Now I have a dress story to tell you.

Years ago I finally feng shui-ed the only dress I owned, because I am not comfortable in dresses. And as you know I dress very simple. In fact, I basically wear the same kind of clothes/uniform everyday. My uniform for fall and winter months is 501 Levi's, navy blue, colored turtlenecks and boots. And it's 501 Levi's, denim work shirts and boots, for the spring and summer months.

For the past six or seven years I've know that I should go buy a dress to wear for funerals, weddings or special occasions, but I didn't, until last week, because Tony and I have several upcoming events to attend, that I should wear a dress at, in the next couple of months.

Before I purchased The Dress I talked to my dear friends, Kris & Jim, about wanting and needing to buy a dress and they suggested that I buy a simple black dress, because they are good for any occasion. That was good advice, but I didn't heed it, because I don't look good in black.

On Tuesday, April 7th, I did not dress up to go buy a dress and neither did Tony. We wore our uniforms and went to the mall, in Kerrville. We checked out dresses, in several department stores, but I didn't see anything that I really liked. Which makes sense, because I don't like dresses to begin with, because they make me look frumpier than I already am.

Anyway, after the third store, Tony started grumbling and was starting to make those kinds of noises that you do when you roll your eyes. So I decided to go to Cross Cultures, my favorite store, in the entire mall, because I knew they would have the perfect dress for me to wear. (Over my jeans. I wish.)

I love Cross Cultures for several reasons and the main ones are: The good vibes are incredibly great inside the store, it always smells fabulous, because of their huge selection of quality incense and the storeowners are incredibly nice, friendly, helpful people. Plus they have super cool stuff to sell.

Well, I was right about finding the perfect dress there and Tony was so happy watching the man fold up The Dress and slip it inside a plastic bag, because he knew that we were finally done shopping and could go back home.

In fact, Tony was so glad that I had finally purchased The Dress to wear, he tied the sack handles, into a tight knot, I guess, so it wouldn't fly out of the bag or something like that, which would then cause us to have to make another day spent, at the mall.

Anyway, a few days later, I realized that it might be smart for me to try on The Dress just to make sure that it would fit me. So, when Tony went outside to mow, I went into the bedroom to try on The Dress for most occasions.

The Dress was still folded up, inside the tied up bag, on our dresser, where I had left it. When I untied Tony's knot and pulled The Dress out of the bag, I instantly smelled that store's sweet fragrant incense, on The Dress. The aroma filled the air, in our bedroom, so I went into the kitchen and wrote down, "buy incense," on my "To Do" list. Then I took The Dress off and got back into my uniform.

An hour later, Tony, who, let's just say "Isn't real fond of incense," walked inside The Cabin, sniffed the air, and asked, "What's that smell?"

"It's The Dress!" I said, proudly. "And it fits, thank goodness."

"Where's The Dress?"

"In our closet," I said. "Why?"

"It's all of the way back there? And I can smell it all of the way from here?" Then he chuckled.

"I love the way it smells and I'm going to buy that same kind of incense, the next time we go to the mall," I said, defensively. "And for your information, it will make it easier for you to find me, at events, too."

"Don't worry about that," Tony joked. "They're going to smell us coming from a mile away." And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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