Monday, April 27, 2015

His & Ours! or BYOB!

Today has been great. After lunch this afternoon, Tony and I went to Kerrville to run a few errands. Our first stop was at Next Generation Produce, on Sidney Baker Street, so we could each drink a healthy juice. Tony drank their Healthy Heart juice and I ordered my usual Bear Pear juice.

Since the last time we were at, Next Generation Produce, the super cool store owners have expanded and now they've added delicious smoothies to the menu and have a lot more healthy products. The store was packed with all kinds of happy customers that were either shopping or hanging around drinking their juice or smoothies. So, if you have not been there yet—go, because you'll love it! It's now one of our favorite stores, in Kerrville.

Our last stop or so I thought was at, Home Depot, because Tony needed to buy some more rubber tubing and parts for his drip watering system, that he uses in his organic garden. While he was busy finding the tubing, etc. I spotted some rain gauges that were on sale and it sparked my memory. A few days ago, Kinky and I had agreed that the first one of us to go buy a rain gauge would buy two, because his and ours had recently broken, I guess from all of the rain that we've been getting lately. So I purchased His & Our magnified rain gauges.

On our way back to Trigger, in the parking lot, Tony says, "Let's go to Wild Birds Unlimited." And we did. As always this store was packed with happy customers, too. Kevin Pillow was the first to greet us, followed by his wife Linda and then Marguerite. While they were busy ringing up sales and helping the many customers, Tony and I shopped around, because we had the $40.00 Wild Birds Unlimited gift card with us, that sweet Marguerite and her dogs: Enzo, Odie and Mini, had given to us last week.

After Tony showed and told me that he was buying a Lenny's Log feeder and a big tub of Birdacious Bark Butter, I decided to buy a cute, little bird butter feeder, too. When he saw what I was getting, he said, "I'm not sharing my butter with you. You need to buy your own butter." Marguerite and I looked at each other and then we burst out laughing.

Then I looked over at Kevin and Linda, and jokingly said, "Great, now we're going to have a full blown argument inside y'all's store, because Tony just told me that it's BYOB—Buy Your Own Butter. Because he's not going to share his butter with me. Tony, it'll be real interesting to find out what you're going to be fixin' yourself for dinner tonight, because I'm not cooking it for you. Oh, and you can use our butter, because I share." Then Kevin and his wife started laughing and teasing Tony, too." 

Then when I started to go pick up another Birdacious Bark Butter tub, for me, Tony says, "I'm just kidding with you, Nance. You don't have to buy another tub. You can use my butter."

Since I was on a roll I quickly quipped back, "Well I guess that makes you a butter man for sharing. And I'm not buttering you up." Then I purposefully changed the subject, and said, "Marguerite we want to take you out to lunch...." 

When Tony and I got back home, I took the above picture of our Wild Birds Unlimited gift card spree and then I called Kinky. "Hi, Nance. Two men have just left here and they are headed your way."

"They must have gotten lost. Keep your fingers crossed, because I think we've got another adoption fixin' to happen. Tony's friend John, has a brother that wants to adopt one of our dogs. But Kinky, the reason that I called you is to tell you that we bought you and us magnified rain gauges today."

"That's great!" 

"I'll bring it over later, because those men are here. Bye." Then Tony and I went outside to greet John and his brother and then show them our super dogs.

After we had shown John's nice brother all of our dogs, he picked—Cheryl Strayed! Cheryl was thrilled about it, he was thrilled about it and Tony and I were thrilled about it, too. 

If her adoption sticks and we think it will, one-year-old Cheryl is going to spend the rest of her life living and playing, on a beautiful, giant ranch, just outside of Medina and she's also got a gigantic fenced yard to play in, too. Unfortunately, I did not get to take a picture of her adoption, because in all of the excitement, I forgot to grab my camera when I went back outside to get her adoption papers signed. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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