Friday, April 3, 2015

The Son of Foghorn!

Today has been great. Tony and I got up really early, so we could do our outdoor chores early, because Tony had an appointment to "get his ears lowered" or "his wings removed," in Medina, at 9:30.

A little after 10:15, when Tone arrived back at the rescue ranch, without wings, Jim was down at the creek with Mr. Rogers & Miss Dee, June and our new friend/volunteer, Kelly, were walking out of the ranch with Ben Stiller & La Toya Jackson just as Kris & Jim were pulling in.

After I greeted Kris & The Mineral Man I told them that I wanted to introduce them to Kelly when he returned with the dogs. "Kelly and his sweet wife are the nice couple who adopted Hank from us, last Sunday. He told me that Hank is a fabulous dog. They've taken him everyday to the dog park to let him swim and to be off-leash and he did great. He sleeps in their bedroom too and...." By 11:00, Kelly had met and been welcomed by Kris & The Mineral Man, Jim and June.

Around 11:30, everyone jumped into their modes of transportation and took off to go eat lunch together, at the Koyote Grill. Talk about a fun lunch! Kelly immediately fit right in with everyone and it didn't take him long to believe me when I had told him, on Sunday, "You're going to love our great volunteers. They are so hilarious and always making jokes and they love to laugh. We always have so much fun with them..."

First, June told us about getting ready to go with friends, next weekend, to The Rose Theatre, in San Antone, to watch the audience participation play You've Ruined A Perfectly Good Mystery. A few minutes later the subject changed to wrestling events coming soon, to Kerrville, at the Ag Barn, then all of us started taking turns naming our favorite wrestlers, roller derby queens, etc.

Before our fun lunch had ended, June told us a hilarious story about a family member's rooster named Foghorn, that would routinely attacked family or friends if they weren't carrying a rake, to protect themselves, when they entered the yard. And she had all of us laughing until her Foghorn rooster story hit a little too close to home for me.

While everyone was still laughing about Foghorn, the attack rooster, I stood up, placed my hand next to my lower hip and said, "Our rooster, Rooster Cogburn, is really big and tall. In fact, he is so tall his head is even with my hips."

"That's really not all that tall," Tony wisecracked, "Because you're so short!" His remark was followed by a round of laughter. 

"No Tony," The Mineral Man joked. "That's not politically correct. I think you're supposed to say that she's height challenged or something like that." Followed by another round of laughter.

"Or height deprived," I quipped back. After some jokes had been made about how ridiculous political correctness has become, etc., I continued on, "Well June, I think we've got the Son of Foghorn, at the rescue ranch, because last Friday morning, after Tony took off on his trip, I think Rooster Cogburn actually tried to kill me." Everyone started laughing. "No seriously," when I went to let the chickens, out of The Egg Palace, so I could feed them and the pigs he chased me all around the pigpen. It was really scary and...."

After lunch, on our way back to the rescue ranch, Tony said, "Nancy, I don't think Rooster Cogburn would actually try to attack you with his spurs or try to flog you. But just to be safe, the next time that you go into the pigpen just carry a rake with you."

"Well, that's never going to happen, Tony. Because I'm never going back into that pigpen again, because Rooster "Son of Foghorn" Cogburn rules." And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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