Sunday, April 5, 2015

To Bee or Not To Bee!

Today has been great and merry Easter to all. Yesterday was a great day, too, but because my computer was unusable all day, into the late evening, because Chet O'Keefe needed to use my computer's power cord charger to be able to power up Tony's computer, so he could fix Tony's computer's photo software problem. And the good news is Tony's computer photo problem is now fixed. Tony's happy, he has a new power cord on the way and I can now use my computer. "Thank you Chet!"

Yesterday I could not wait to use my computer so I could blog about Bee Spears getting adopted to a wonderful home, in Kerrville. Nate and Jessica, a great, super nice couple that has two delightful boys wanted to adopt an older dog from us, so it could be a companion to their seven-year-old Great Pyrenees!

When Jessica had called me on Friday after telling me that they wanted to adopt an older, big dog and they did not care if the dog was short haired or long haired, a male or female, a breed or a mutt—they just wanted a sweet dog. I was totally impressed with them already, because so many people will not even consider adopting an older dog.

Anyway, we are all thrilled for Bee Spears, that old, sweet, lovable dog, Dale Evans' roommate, that used to roam around Willie Nelson's golf course has hopefully found his wonderful, loving home. But please, for the next few days we all need to keep our fingers crossed for him that he and the Pyr will become fast friends, because usually within the first forty-eight hours it will determine if the adoption will stick. So the To Bee or Not To Bee countdown begins.

Nate, Jessica and their cute boys came out around 2:00 yesterday afternoon to look at our dogs and Nate had to ride with Tony, in Kermit, because he was temporarily on crutches, because of an ankle injury. When I introduced Jessica and the kids to Bee, he immediately stole Jessica's and the boy's hearts and Jessica said, "It's something about his eyes..." So, Nate hobbled over, on his crutches, to meet Bee and watch him interact lovingly with their children.

After about spending ten minutes with Bee, Tony and I showed them the rest of our dogs. And after the meet & greet, Jessica asked,"Can we go see Bee, again? I really like him, a lot."And the rest is history I hope.

Here's a quick picture that I took of Bee with Jessica and Nate (without using his crutches, just before Bee eagerly jumped up into the front side, passenger seat of their pickup and sat down. (Jessica chose to ride back to their home, in the back seat, with the boys.) So I guess you could say that Bee rode shotgun.

And that is about it for today.

Y'all have a great evening!

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