Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jamming—Party Of Five!

Today has been great. This morning I grabbed my guitar and went to Kerrville, to play some music, because last Friday, our great friend/volunteer, Jim, invited me to bring my guitar and come to the weekly jam session, he attends, at Club Ed's Auld Center.

When I arrived, it was 9:56 and I was four minutes early, but I was also the last one to walk into the room, filled with friendly musicians. Everyone greeted me and welcomed me to join them, which was good, because I was a little nervous, because Jim was the only person that I knew.

At 10:00, we immediately started jamming and I was so glad that I had tuned my guitar before going there. There were about ten ukulele pickers, a flutist, an auto harp player and Jim, who is an awesome harmonica player.

The nice woman, in the chair next to mine, shared her music song book with me and we played about ten songs, before everyone took a ten minute coffee break and munched on the delicious, healthy cookies, that Jim's sweet wife, Diane, had baked for the jam session.

During the break, this really nice man came up to me and introduced himself to me. "Hi Nancy. I'm Craig. Do you know Les and Denise?"

"Yes. I love them," I said. Then he told me that Les is his very best friend and he and Les go way back, because they met when they both worked and lived, in Colorado. Then I told him, "Then you must know Cosmo, that they adopted from us, a couple of years ago..." After we had talked about Cosmo being one of the cutest and luckiest dogs, in Kerrville, Craig admired my guitar and told me that he also plays the guitar, so I handed him my guitar to play. He loved playing my guitar and he was a good guitar picker. Then the coffee break was over and we played many songs, for about another hour.

I was having so much fun jamming with these fun musicians I didn't want it to end, but it did. While I was packing away my guitar, another nice woman came up to me and asked me to please come and bring my guitar, to a dulcimer jam session this coming Monday afternoon and I am seriously thinking about doing it, too. So, to say the least, "This morning was a total blast for me."

This afternoon Kinky called me to ask if he could bring some friends over to see our rescue ranch, because they are dog lovers and big fans of our rescue ranch. And you can guess what I told him, too.

Thirty minutes later Kinky and his two friends, visiting him from out of town, arrived. Kinky first wanted them to see our trailer aka The Cabin, which was fine with me, because Hazel and I had just finished removing all of the new dog hair that had been swirling around, on the floor, because I haven't vacuumed for three days.

After we had a fun visit, inside The Cabin, Kinky suggested that we move our party of five outside and go into Outer Space, so he could smoke his cigar. Little Debbie and Alice wanted to go with us too and they did, but I didn't count them as part of our party of five, because together they only weigh about twelve pounds. But I should have, because they stole the party being way too cute.

Before I finish writing this I want y'all to know that Nancy J. Bailey's beautiful "Fall Trail Drive" watercolor, is already framed, so I can pick it up the next time that we go to Kerrville and I can't wait, because I already know where I am going to hang it, in the big room.

And last night, when it finally got dark outside, I instantly fell in love with my new solar lantern, on the front porch and that I am planning on buying a few more, at Wild Birds Unlimited. Here is a picture of the blue lantern hanging outside. And the other picture is one of my favorite pictures that I've ever taken of Roy winking with Little Debbie sitting behind him, just because I love those two so very much.

Y'all have a great evening!

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