Friday, July 22, 2016

Had Left The Building!

Yesterday afternoon was great. A dear old friend of ours, who we shall call B., because she likes her privacy, showed up out here, because she wanted to give us Betty White's ashes, because she had adopted this great dog from us many years ago, on November 12, 2008. In fact, I blogged about her super adoption and if you want to read my post about Betty White's fabulous adoption please click here. This is a picture I took of her when she was about 4 months old.

B. also came out to adopt a big dog from us to be a companion dog for her rescued Pit Bull. And it did not take her long to fall in love with Tom Slick! It was another one of those love at first site kind-of-things that seems to happen often out here.

We told B. Tom Slick's story about probably being dumped here, and that we had not vetted him yet, because we were trying to put some weight back on him, after his 2 1/2 day wild adventure, in this beautiful part of the Texas Hill Country.

Before B. and Tom Slick adios-ed us, we got to have a very fun visit with our friend, inside The Cabin. And B. told us not to worry about us taking Tom Slick to our vet to get him neutered, shots, etc., because she had already planned on dropping him off, at her veterinarian, on her way home, to take care of everything that he needed.

After B. and Tom took off, Tony jumped inside Buttermilk and took off to go pick up our mail. And when he returned my jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I opened the Bandera County Courier newspaper and read what our good friend Judith Pannebaker had written about our dog/aka B.'s Tom Slick.

So once again, I want to thank Judith and the Bandera County Courier for helping out our rescue ranch again, even though Tom "had left the building" just a few minutes ago. So please click here to read Judith's great story that she wrote about Mr. T.

Today while we ate a delicious lunch with our great volunteers aka our dear friends, at The Apple Store, Eileen, told us some great news, too. So I want to congratulate the Apple Cider Mill aka the Apple Store, in Medina, for being the only Hill Country burger (SPJ Burger) that made the Top 50 in Texas, per Texas Monthly's August edition! This is an excerpt from the Texas Monthly's August edition:


SPJ Burger
Patio Cafe, $8.99Love Creek Orchards is exactly the slice of Hill Country life that sends city dwellers on weekend journeys along winding back roads. Perhaps a cautionary note for those very travelers, a sign near the Orchards’ Patio Cafe order window advises: “If you want fast, go to Austin or Dallas. We are south of the tension line.” Grab a seat at the red picnic tables under a sloping live oak and wait for the grilled SPJ (spicy pepper jack) Burger, which comes loaded with thick-cut applewood-smoked bacon, tangy jalapeño mustard, the promised SPJ cheese, and sweet-hot pickles. Although the pepper theme may seem like overkill, its kick is countered by the surprising sweetness of the jalapeño bun. Finish the whole thing and you’ll be slowing down too. 14024 Texas Hwy 16N, 830-589-2202. Open 7 days 11–3." And that's the latest good news that I have to report from Medina, Texas.
Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Wow, lucky Tom Slick! Several years ago, B somehow recognized me when I didn't know her at all at our mutual vet's office. When she explained that she was the lucky owner of Betty White, who was a favorite of all the NoMads that met her, she needn't have said another word because I immediately knew she was CLASS.

And once again in today's interactions she showed her intuitive side in knowing that Tom was the dog for her and then showed her class in bringing Betty White back to her original home turf and then vetting her new boy for y'all and taking him to his forever home.

B, if you're reading this, know that "I" agree that you should keep your real identity a secret as you are a true gem and probably wouldn't be able to go anywhere without adoring fans if they only knew who you really are!

Nancy, you, Tony and Kinky know the greatest people!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! Yes, we do know a lot of great people and you are one of them.

Anonymous said...

Dang it's late but oh boy you've got me hungry now.....My family and I will be trying this new to us place. .. thank you

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anon! That SPJ Burger at the Apple Store is totally delicious!