Friday, July 29, 2016

A New Tradition!

Thursday and today have been great, because I spent most of my day Wednesday catching up with paperwork, returning phone calls and e-mails.

Yesterday was great, because Tony and I met our dear friend Fourth for a really fun lunch, at Billy Gene's Restaurant, in Kerrville. Then yesterday evening I went over to Kinky's Lodge for a really fun visit after he and I and The Friedmans had taken a short hike around the ranch.

Today has been great, because this morning most of our wonderful, fun friends aka dog-walking volunteers, came out and walked our dogs for us. And we all ended up meeting, at The Apple Store, in Medina, for a tasty lunch.

Tony and I and a few others had their delicious Friday Lunch Special which was Fried Catfish, Coleslaw, hushpuppies and french fries. But when I saw Eileen's delicious-looking SPJ Hamburger, I told her, "I'm going to get that the next time we come here to eat."

Early this evening, I called Kris & Jim to tell them my latest off-color joke and like me they thought it was pretty funny.

Before I adios-ed our dear friends they asked me if I knew what was happening, at Bad Girlz of Texas tomorrow afternoon and I told them no, because I hadn't heard anything about it.

After they told me I told them that Tony and I would most definitely be there. So after we Bye-byed each other I went on Bad Girlz of Texas FaceBook page to learn more about their cool event. And then I copied this off of their event page and copied it and pasted it below, so y'all could read about it and go to it, too.
We are starting a new tradition at our Kerrville location that we have been doing for years at our Canyon Lake location... the monthly CUSTOMER APPRECIATION PARTIES! For those that do not know what to expect, we offer Free food, Free drinks (alcoholic and non), a Free gift of some sort, and, of course, Free live music. For our inaugural party, Brigitte and Jill will be joining us fresh from Luckenbach. They played at The Hunt Store last August. It is not often that you can catch these two dynamos playing at the same place, at the same time! Although they both travel nationwide for the Last Honky Tonk Music Series, one is based out of Louisiana, while the other is based out of Nashville. If you have not heard them before, please check them out at:
They are truly wonderful singer songwriters!

We thank you for all the support and kindnesses you have shown us in such a short time here in Kerrville! We just want to give a little back to the community! In an effort to get the word out, please feel free to share the event to your page, click attending, tag and/or invite your friends; anything you can do to let people know that this is a FREE and VERY entertaining event! Check the event page occasionally to see the status of the menu, perhaps the recipes, as well as what the free item may be.

This is gonna be GREAT!!!"

I have a "Breaking News" update to share with y'all. In the past eight months, Henry Standing Bear has gotten so BIG that he is no longer able to fit "down under" our furniture. So now he has chosen to be "up above." And here is a picture that I just now took of him, as Little Debbie and Big Al(ice) slept on Henry's torn security blanket below.

So as I finish writing this tonight, I hope that Tony and I will get to see y'all tomorrow, at Bad Girlz of Texas, The Coolest Fun Shop, in Kerrville, which is also right next door to the famous Wolfmueller's Books store, which we all know is the Best Book Store, in Texas.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing! See y'all tomorrow at Bad Girlz of Texas and Wolfmueller's Books!

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