Tuesday, July 19, 2016

More Good News! or Share Our Wealth!

Here's some more good news to tell you about. While I was taking a shower this morning, with Henry constantly trying to get into the shower with me, I was counting my many blessings. In fact, I was up to my 147th blessings counted when Tony said, from the kitchen, "Nance, I've got a surprise for you!"

At first I thought that Tony was going to jump into the shower with me, but I quickly blew that idea off, because we are both old and we ain't what we used to be in the looks-department.

While I was drying myself off, Henry Standing Bear tried to help me by licking my toes. "Thank you, Henry," I said, while I was sucking in my stomach, in hopes of buttoning up my too tight 501 Levis. "You've been very helpful. Now, go help Tony."

Standing proud, like he had really been so helpful to me, Henry slowly stretched and then he walked out of the bathroom to go find Tony.

A few minutes later, my top button on my jeans was at last buttoned, emphasizing my muffin-top(s). So, I put on my blue work shirt, tied a pink bandana around my neck to hide "the hide" that once I was so proud of.

Then I pulled on my pretty pink boots and was now ready to receive the world or at least get a delicious cup of Donut Shop Coffee. "Morning Tone," I said, trying to sound cheerful. "What's my surprise?"

Tony smiled, and said, "The rest of your Hans Freitag Wafers Cocoa With Cream filling arrived."

"Are you serious?" I asked, even though I knew he was telling me the truth. Some people call that a control-freak thing, but I do it, because I am hard of hearing and just want to make sure that I heard him right.

"Yes, but I wonder why they just didn't pack them all into one big box?"

"Too many calories," I explained, while I was placing the six new bags of the world's tastiest wafers, on top of the stove. Then I took this picture of our newest arrivals.

"Tony, we've got a ton of errands to run today. We've got to pick up Roy's meds, at Hoegemeyers, run by Pressler's for me to sign off on some paperwork, go to the Post Office Sub-Station, go to the craft store and go to Wolfmueller's Books, so I can drop off Jim & Liz's poster, Kris & Jim's Tom Slick book and something else, but I forgot?"

"Go by Wild Birds Unlimited? Because I'm low on my birdseed."

"Yes, but that's not it. I will remember it in a minute," I said, staring in disbelief at all of the bags of wafers we had. "Tony, I feel like we're sitting on a gold mine here, with all of these wafers. So let's share our wealth." Then I grabbed two bags of the incredibly delicious, Made In Germany, wafers and put them on the breakfast bar. "Let's give a bag of these to Kris & Jim and to Sandy & Jon." And that's exactly what we did.

When we were heading back home, on the down-side of the Medina Pass, I finally remembered what the other thing was that we needed to do today, but Tony was talking to me about me helping him put together an e-book of his beautiful pictures. And by the time he stopped talking and we had stopped Buttermilk to pick up our mail, I had forgotten once again about what we needed to do.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing! 


Fay said...

Ok, I give up. I'm going to be getting some of the Hans Freitag Wafers w Cocoa, you've made them sound so yummy! LOL
Miss Moneypenny walks right into the shower, too! If they weren't different genders, I swear they were identical twins!
Miss M (or me, moreso...) managed to survive her spay surgery and 12 day cone adventures. Oy. She's doing great and weighs in at 60 pounds. Seeing as Henry Standing Bear & his sis, Miss Moneypenny are only about 8 months old, will be interesting how big they both end up! Great dogs, we love our girl so much xx

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! I am glad that you are going to get some Han Freitag wafers. Y'all will love them, like we do! I agree that Miss Moneypenny and Henry Standing Bear are identical twins, especially sense you got her spayed and we had Henry neutered. Henry is a laugh a minute and he weighs approximately 70 lbs. and he is still growing.

I wish that we lived closer so Henry and his twin sister could play together. I just checked and it looks like there are only 4 bags available on amazon. Gook luck buying them.