Saturday, July 30, 2016

Bad Girlz of Texas Was Too Much Fun!

Here's some good news! Last night after I posted on my blog our phone rang and it was a very nice woman named Lisa who had found a big, sweet, yellow Lab-mix wearing one of our rescue ranch dog tags.

After speaking with her, I looked up the dog tag number and it was Springsteen, so I immediately called her back and told her that the dog was Springsteen and thanked her for rescuing this wonderful, "born to run" dog and then I gave her Mimi's phone number. "Lisa, I will call Mimi immediately and then get back to you."

Then I punched in Mimi's phone number. I got her machine and left her a detailed message telling her that Lisa had Springsteen and then I gave her Lisa's phone number.

Then I called Lisa back to tell her that I had left a message for Mimi. Then we talked about Springsteen looking tired, but he was definitely enjoying her air-conditioning. And before we adios-ed each other Lisa gave me her address.

When that phone conversation ended I pulled Springsteen's adoption papers and discovered that Springsteen lived on the same road as Lisa. So I called Lisa back and gave her Mimi's & Springsteen's home address.

Ten minutes later, Lisa called me and she told me that she had just put Springsteen back into his yard and once again I thanked her for helping him get back home.

And five minutes after that conversation the phone rang, again. "Nancy, this is Mimi. When I got your message I immediately took off for home and when we got here Springsteen was in the yard and he greeted us!...."

This afternoon I cooked lunch for us and it was pretty tasty. Tony and I always eat our big meal for lunch, then we eat lighter at in the evening. Today I heated up my leftover red beans and rice along with some chicken fajitas and I served it with some of Tony's home grown organic tomatoes.

Late this afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville, specifically to go to Bad Girlz of Texas, so we could visit with friends and attend their very first Monthly Wined Up! Featuring Brigitte London, Jill Kinsey and "Dash" aka Daryl Wayne Dasher. And to say the least, "It Was Totally Awesome!"

And I am going to write more about today's super fun Bad Girlz of Texas event tomorrow, because I cannot wait to go listen to these singer/songwriter musician's fabulous music CDs that we purchased. 

But before I go enjoy listening to their fabulous music I do want to mention that these great, super talented musicians will be performing tomorrow afternoon, at Luchenbach, Texas.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

To Be Continued....(Sorry, Mari!)

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