Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Adventures of Tom Slick!

Late Saturday afternoon, when Tony and I got back from running a few errands, in Kerrville, we had a big surprise waiting for us at the gate. It was a very handsome, friendly, male Boxer/Pit Bull mix, not wearing a dog collar.

We tried to get this lost or abandoned dog to jump into Buttermilk with us, but he was too scared, then he took off into the woods. So after we had put up our groceries, we spent a few hours outside looking for the dog, but sadly it was to no avail.

When we finally gave up, we came back inside The Cabin and saw Carlton flashing, on top of the breakfast bar, so I pushed his button to see who had called us.

After listening to Angie's message I immediately called Angie. "Nancy, we came out after 3:00, because we are thinking about adopting a companion dog for our dog. Your gate was closed, but one of your dog's ran up to the gate to greet us."

"What did this dog look like?" I asked our friend.

"He was a beautiful Boxer/Pit Bull mix and he was real sweet and friendly...." Before Angie and I adios-ed each other, it was decided that Angie & Jim would come out Sunday morning, at 10:00, with their sweet dog, to look at our dogs.

The next morning Jim & Angie arrived promptly at 10:00, with their adorable, sweet, female Boxer/Heeler mix and before we took them on a tour, we started talking about the mystery dog they saw, at our gate. "He was inside the rescue ranch and he ran up to the gate to greet us," Jim said.

"He was outside our gate when Tony and I drove up," I said. "Someone must have thrown him over our gate and driven off. Poor dog. I hope that we can catch him..."

Angie and Jim picked Walter to go on a walk down to the creek with their adorable dog and those two dogs acted like they were best buds from the get-go, but when all was said and done, our friends told us that they needed to go home and talk about it some more, because Walter was so much bigger than the dog they had hoped to adopt.

Monday afternoon Tony and I met our great friends Kris & Jim for lunch, in Kerrville and it was so much fun.

During lunch we talked about many topics. I told Kris, before her husband arrived, that for the past few days I have felt really down and that I've not wanted to do anything, because my energy was drained and that several of our friends have also been feeling the exact same way.

So I asked Kris if they, too had experienced it and she told me that they both had and that she had wondered if possibly Mercury was in Retrograde again. Mercury wasn't Retrograde, but it helped me confirm that it wasn't just us and so many of our friends.

Then I purposefully changed the subject to a much brighter subject. "Y'all, yesterday I sat down and read the greatest book Tom Slick: Mystery Hunter written by his niece Catherine Nixon Cooke...."

And as I excitedly told them about this very famous man's life and his incredible adventures I instantly felt my energy change—I was re-charged and it felt so good to be back to normal or what I consider to be normal.

As I continued to rave non-stop about Tom Slick and all of his great accomplishments, research institutes and worldly adventures I told them the book was so entertaining for me to read, because my dear friend is a distant relative of his and that she grew up knowing one of Tom Slick's sons.

And that Tony and I also knew some of Tom's family and a few of his famous friends. Anyway, by the end of my story about Tom Slick, I told our friends, "Tony is reading it now and as soon as he finishes reading it I promise to loan it to y'all." (Please click Tom Slick, if you are curious about this incredibly great man.)

Today has been great, even though I overslept. When I was sipping my first delicious cup of Donut Shop Coffee, Tony walked inside The Cabin and he was wearing the biggest grin on his face. "Nance, I have some great news to tell you."

"What is it?"

"When I went outside this morning to do the chores, that Boxer/Pit Bull was sitting next to Bella's pen and he let me pet him. When I opened the gate to the alley between Bella's and Hank's pen he followed me into the alley."

"Omg! That is great news."

"So I immediately fed him and filled a water bucket and he ate like a pig, because he has lost a lot of weight since we saw him on Saturday. He's very sweet and friendly and he seems to be fine being in the alley, because he immediately got along great with Bella and Hank. And I think that we should wait a few days and get some weight back on him, before we take him in to get shots and neutered..."

Early this afternoon Tony and I went outside so I could meet the dog and take a few pictures of him. 

And after Tony gave him a few more treats and re-filled his food pan Tony asked me what I wanted to name this sweet dog. And my immediate answer was, "Tom Slick! Because he's been on his own thrilling adventure, too."

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

P.S. This morning Kris sent me this e-mail asking me to please check out the best dog parks, in San Antonio and you are not going to believe the name of the first one listed! Click here. And here's the link again to Yeti Hunter Tom Slick's 100th Birthday Celebration that occurred this past February, in San Antonio.


Anonymous said...

This is so awesome

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anon! The book and the dog are both awesome. Thank you for your comment.